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Turks butt seeking shaped for Peach

Want a peach emoji-worthy butt? Building muscle in your glutes is what will give your butt a lifted appearance, meaning strength training is going to be your booty's new BFF.

Peach Shaped Butt

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Name: Robyn
Years old: 44
Nationality: I was born in Germany
My sexual preference: I prefer male
Gender: Lady
What is my hobbies: Riding a bike
I have piercing: None
I like tattoo: None

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I like them big, round and juicy. Yep, August is National Peach Month!

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To celebrate, I have a great booty-shaping workout so your backside will look as good as that delicious fruit! Your Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle in your body, so they can definitely handle it!

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Pointing the right foot, lift the toes toward the sky and lower the knee down to hover. Add a weight behind the knee for a more intense workout. Cross your left leg behind and across in a curtsey as you squat to lower.

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Push through your heel to come back to standing. Hold a weight in both hands at your chest to really feel the burn! Keep your front knee at 90 degrees and your weight in your front heel.

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Lightly step the back leg in and out to tap. Tuck your pelvic under, engage your core and keep your posture tall. Lower hips down in line with knees and straighten the legs.

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Hold a weight in both hands at your chest to take it up a notch. Extend your right leg long behind you, pointing the toe. Engage the glutes and slowly lift the leg up toward the sky while maintaining a slight tuck of your pelvic to protect your lower back. Gently tap the toe back to the floor. Oh wow. So happy you are showing us to we can but these beautiful clothes to use.

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Love the workouts tips. Keep it up. Complete 4 rounds of each exercise: 15 Donkey Kicks each side Come to your hands and knees in a tabletop position. Katie DunlopFabletics Master. Russo Capri Shop Now. No tags. Each and every Master fully embodies the Fabletics lifestyle by sharing their passion, inspiration and guidance to our community.

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How to score a peach-shaped booty

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