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Pants hypnosis your male for Pee

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Pee Your Pants Hypnosis

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We are pleased to introduce an expanding series of therapy sessions in the form of mp3 downlo. They were thoughtfully compiled by a degreed, d therapist who uses her recorded sessions with you to assist in your behavior modifications. We have intentionally kept the price low to help as many of you as possible. While they are inexpensive they are anything but cheap. She will spend approximately an hour with you in each recorded file which should be repeated at least three times a week. Our personal experience is that more is better.

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So you want to wet your pants in public for the very first time!

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You have thought about wetting yourself in public but have been too scared to do it. Does this sound like you? This hypnosis file le you to imagine wetting yourself in a park by accident! Summertime is the perfect time to have an accident in public. There are many ways you can wet your pants without anyone directly noticing. Wetting your pants can be an age regression experienceor just a f un and embarrassing activity. So how do you plan for an accident?

The place where you have your first wetting accident will be unforgettable.

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It will be the place where you found out for sure that you are a pants wetter. So where should you go? For your first accident choose a quiet, stress free place. Some good places are: an empty park early in the morning, on a nature trail, or at a beach beach.

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Now decide, where and how you want to pee yourself. If you go to a park, you can sit down on the grass and simply let your bladder empty. This is less obvious than having an accident standing up.

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You can also pick a hidden spot behind a tree or a bush and let yourself have an accident. A beach is a great place to wet your pants because no one will suspect a thing. Just lay down on your beach towel in your swimsuit and feel how you cannot hold it in anymore.

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You can just swim in the water to rinse off s of your little accident. Everyone will assume the wet spot on your towel is from swimming. No one will guess that you are a pants wetter! Get a sweater to wrap around your pants, a long skirt or maybe even a change of clothes.

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Have something with you that can cover up the wet patch on your pants. You are going to have an accident. Accept that wherever you are going, you will make a puddle on the ground. If wetting your pants makes you feel little, accept this too. Maybe you have come close to having accidents in public already… but this time is the real deal. Drink a lot of water and liquids. As you drink up feel how it is filling your bladder and feel how your bladder gets weaker and weaker.

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Start to tell yourself that you might not make it… get into the accident mindset. When your bladder starts to feel really full, start to potty dance.

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Get your body and mind into the state where you feel that you cannot stop yourself from having a bladder accident. If you want help getting into the mental state, you can purchase my covert file Go Blank and Wet Yourself in which I use conversational hypnosis to get you to relax, go blank and wet yourself!

If you have a Mommy or someone who encourages your little side, you can ask for encouragement to wet your pants. I have given many littles and babies encouragement to pee themselves. It can help to have a voice of guidance remind you that inside you are a pants wetter.

ABDL and Wetting forums like omorashi. Then you can report to Mommy or to someone else to tell them about the experience. If you want this encouragement from me consider become a patron on my patreon, since this is my main way of communicating with littles. When the little one is not following the rules, sometimes a spanking or two is in order. Of course a good ABDL Mommy will not give a spanking just because, she will spank her little one the adult baby because there is a reason. For instance:.

Hypnosis - peeing in your pants

But Mommy still finds your wet pants and knows that you are the pants wetter. In my mind, a Mommy who is a balanced authority will not spank you for an accident. Some adult babies and diaper lovers love the concept of punishment from Mommy and some really prefer a soft, encouraging Mommy. What do you think about spankings? Comment below! To get 2 new hypnosis recordings each month become a patron of my Hypno-Mommy Patreon!

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One of the bigger lifestyle changes — the permanent loss of bowel control can be hard to achieve. It is possible!

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With some muscle training, behavior conditioning and hypnosis, anything is possible. This includes losing control of your muscles to the point that you wet and mess your diaper without even noticing. Being able to loss control of your bladder is generally easier, with or without hypnosis. With time, the less you hold in your bladder, the less control of it you have.

You can un-train these muscles if you focus on it every day.

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The main obstacle is that most people hold in their bladder muscles automatically. The post hypnotic effects will remind your body to wet your diaper automatically, unconsciously.

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Eventually you re-train your body to no longer hold in your bladder muscles and to simply let them relax. You can read about Permanent Loss of Bladder Control part 1part 2 and part 3. Bowel muscles are tighter, stiffer and less fidgety than bladder muscles, which means it takes time. With hypnosis, patience and training it IS possible. You need to learn to relax your bowel muscles, when you have the urge to go. Hypnosis can condition you to change your automatic response. Instead of tightening your bowel muscles, you have the automatic instinct to give in and relax.

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You will go through a long phase of weakening Over time, as you do this more and your bowel muscles. This file does not focus on making you completely incontinent, but simply weakening your bowel muscles. I use a powerful hypnotic trance to hypnotize you and re-train your bowel muscles to be weaker, leaving long term effects. In the process I train your mind to relax and accept it. When you get the urge to go the bathroom, instead of tightening your muscles, your mind and body will start to relax.

Listening to this hypnosis file once a week will cause your bowel muscles to be a little bit weaker, but not completely incontinent. If you listen to this multiple times a week, the effects will get stronger over time an could lead to incontinence this is a gradual process.

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You will notice some effects on your bowels muscles and your ability to control your urge within hours after listening to this recording. ABDL regression hypnosis can be a way to re-experience childhood.

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This is not the only reason people enjoy ABDL hypnosis. For some people it is a sexual kink or a type of age-play.

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Other enjoy ABDL hypnosis as a way to work through something from the past. First off, many people want to experience childhood again to some degree. This is what nostalgia is all about. When people look through childhood photos, watch their favorite movies and cartoon, they are reliving their childhood memories and hobbies.

I haven’t peed my pants in 24 years. i also haven’t worn pajamas for 3 weeks straight in 24 years. this is new territory for you, for me, and for pee.

Often there is a sense that you have found something again that you have forgotten about. You re-discover a part of yourself that used to exist when you get into a nostalgic mood. Everyone has some longing for the past and for childhood.