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Pokemon Purple Rom

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As more and more modifications appear, you are provided with almost endless possibilities, characters, and storylines.

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This world is inhabited far and wide by creatures called Pokemon.

Pokemon dark violet cheats

For some people, Pokemon are pets. Others use them for battling. There are numerous mysteries surrounding them, and they Pokemon a popular subject of research. Either way, humans live in harmony with Rom, and they have done so for ages. Meanwhile, three teenagers, two from Pallet Town and one from Viridian City, decide to travel through the Kanto region to collect eight badges of Kanto, and to take on the Pokemon League Challenge. They have no idea what awaits them, such as an purple threatening crime organization known as Team Rocket.

They will also meet Kamon, a younger boy who claims to despise Team Rocket, and is always right on their tail. It isn't my hack! All credits go to Chaos Rush, hacksrepairman, and everybody else who contributed. Please ask on the Pokecommunity thread. I wish this game was finished this is one of my favorite Rom hacks I love the story and I had really great team I need to know what happens this game was awesome. If you're on Android, My Boy! Not sure, sorry.

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And I'm not even sure if that item is still in the game try an up-grade or dubious disc. Also check marts maybe Fuchsia in particular. I've discovered that with the up-grade you can evolve to porygon in porygon2. This hack just got updated yesterday by Hacksrepairman!

The full version! The continued version by hacksrepairman: Fixes: - The Team Rocket Grunts may lock you inside of a narrow passage when you are trying to find the Card Key. New: - Link. Unofficial finishes whatever the creator was planning to do.

The regular version is incomplete and discontinued.

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Pfft thought it was a official update and almost had a heart attack seeing this revived. Is the original author even working on the reboot of this hack which he calls amethyst. I work on smaller-scale projects now. None of the fire red cheats work on it. Any idea?

Or do u know any cheats that work? Especially lucky egg and masterball.

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This video has cheats for- Rare candy: game shark action replay Master ball: code breaker No idea about the one for Lucky Egg. See the Pokecommunity thread linked above. This hack was actually discontinued a long time ago, but picked up by user hacksrepairman recently. Hey knuckle san can you tell me what to do after talking to mr.

Is this rom hack will get anymore updates like a new region or something else because i have completed this rom and catched all the legendaries. Thanx in advance! No, I think it's done. It's complete? The last time that i played dark violet in the rom Hack is finished in Cinnabar Island.

What is the difference between the beta 2.

Pokemon purple rom download gba

Yes, it's supposed to be complete. A person called hacksrepairman finished whatever the creator planned to do. See this. Somebody reported a list of bugs which were fixed. Thank you. I have a just for that- Link.

New features

Of course, it's not perfect. I forget to update it sometimes. Anyway, good luck with your channel! Thanks a lot Bro! I got a lot of help from your website: Good luck to you too Update, I caught mew and deoxys and defeated the battle maze sever all times, is this the end. The unofficial version was supposed to implement whatever the creator had planned so- "Heatran, Deoxys, and Mew are the postgame legendaries.

Mew would have had Mewtwo's battle theme. The creator did say that there might be a couple of more updates for bug fixes, but other than that, yeah.

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That's awesome! With this game being my first experience in playing any part of a rom hack, I'm pretty happy to see it come to completion. That sounds so good…!! It doesn't matter if it doesn't learn, I am just confirming. Wanted to finish the game, but the game freezes when some Pokemon evolve. I had a problem with a Venomoth, now my Charizard got the same.

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Anyway, thanks Knuckle San, once again I appreciate your hard work. Are you playing the playing the latest version? If not, you could try transferring your save. If you already are, you could report this on Pokecommunity and wait for an update. Nah,won't report, guess the problem is general. Yes, it's the latest One. Guess they have not fixed everything, since this seems like a serious bug. Nevermind, will try something else.

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It is complete? I can not go to the cinnabar island, what should I do? Do I have to download final v1 fixed or unofficial old version? Help me.

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Have you tried surfing south from Pallet Town as well as from Seafoam Island? Cinnabar is present in Final v1 and the latest unofficial, but not the original beta 2. Final v1 Fixed is the latest release, and is by the original creator so it should be the best version to play. Can't imagine why, sorry.

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If you're not too far into the game, maybe try unofficial version and see if that's any better. I dunno how to fix it really wanna play it as intended. I just downloaded it and playing it on a emulator or is there something I have to do first? I've already done the patching, so there's nothing you need to do. Which version are you playing exactly?

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Is there something I have to do after downloading the rom I just play it with a emulator or do I have to patch it or something first? No, it's already patched and ready to play. I even redownloaded and did the patching again just to verify that I didn't mess up the first time, and everything seems fine.

I'm assuming you're playing the latest official version, so maybe try the unofficial one and see if that works any better. Or just ask on Pokecommunity and somebody may be able to help.

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Don't quite remember, but before you have the fourth badge, you should've find it. If I'm not wrong it's in Rock Tunnel So far so good, currently going to fight the 5th gym, which will give every player a good surprise.

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Very intresting story. Thank you for posting this game and thank the creator. I think I found a bug. Every time like in the game the game kinda freezes when I battle a trainer but the music still plays and I it won't let me press the "a" button.