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Dress princess new trainer who wants tricks

Home About Us. It has been in development for multiple years and has gone through a variety of iterations. Some old scenes from the game, especially those with the character Lola, have been cut in favor of extra content being added while other areas of the game, such as those with Iris, have been expanded completely.

Princess Trainer Lolas New Dress

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It will take at least three classes. Unless specifically mention, none of your choices change anything ificant on these dates. Pick whichever color you want to see Iris in. Choose your destination. You may complete 1 task each day.

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Pleasing the Mother. This quest can become impossible to unlock if you don't get it started just right. In addition, it's not quite obvious where you should be going in order to trigger each part of the quest.

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Quest Pleasing the Mother. Gold needed: gold coins Step 1: Before completing the Lola's New Dress quest, make sure you complete the Room 4 1 More quest and have Iris living with you already.

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This will make sure this quest initiates properly. Step 2: After finishing the Lola's New Dress quest attempt to visit Lola at the brothel by seeing the available girls; you may need to try a few different days for her to show up. Step 3: A few nights later Lola will show up at your house late at night knocking on the door.

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Answer the door and let her live with you. Step 4: Immediately after allowing Lola to move in, on the same night, Fat Lily will knock on the door.

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Answer it. Tell Lily that Lola is there, but promise Lola you'll find a way to be with her. Step 5: The next day you can go to the brothel and the Pleasing the Mother Again quest will be available. She will tell you to steal a painting in Cheapside for her before she'll let you take Lola. Step 6: That night go to Iris's room and talk to her. She'll agree to steal the painting for you.

Princess trainer gold walkthrough - akabur

Talk to Iris again in her room to take her to the Cheapside house. Step 7: Go to Azalea's store to buy a cleaning wench outfit. Pick it up after 3 days for gold. Step 8: On Iris's next day off from both the tavern and the brothel it may help to set her to only working at the tavern until this is done to give her more days offdo not send Jasmine to work. Instead click on your house and a mission at the top takes Jasmine and Iris to Cheapside. Step 9: On any night after this when Iris is off work, you can go to Iris's room and talk to her.

It will initiate the theft of the painting.

Walkthrough : princess trainer gold

Step Pick Lola up at the brothel the next day. Don't forget to check the full quest walkthrough for "Princess Trainer". Post a Comment.

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Step 1: Before completing the Lola's New Dress quest, make sure you complete the Room 4 1 More quest and have Iris living with you already. Newer Post Older Post Home. How to complete the Fix Everything quest in 'Princ Is 'No Man's Sky' overhyped?

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