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I Ragyo searching and that loves satsuki

Satsuki Kiryuin was one of the main characters in the Kill La Kill anime. She was introduced as its most powerful individual and the villainous counterpart to Ryuko Matoiwith their rivalry being the center focus to the first half of the series.

Ragyo And Satsuki

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We all know Ragyo is evil, but there is one thing she continually does that makes us all cringe. She is VERY touchy with her children. The reason for this like everything else she does is because of the Life Fibers in her body.

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Instead, the series focuses on the objective sexuality of the characters, or the ways people perceive them sexually, for just about every other purpose. In using sex for every purpose except sex, it demonstrates that sexuality is about much more than intimate relationships, that it affects every aspect of our lives in one way or another. I stand by this interpretation, but in that essay, I did not have the chance to discuss how that relationship in particular shapes the central conflict of the series.

Satsuki Kiryuin, sexual abuse survivor, dedicated her life to dismantling and destroying the environment that created her abuse.

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She did not act kindly and in a friendly manner with others, but rather expressed a starkly visionary ethos and earned the undying respect and admiration of others. This is carried out through the rest of the series, with all her closest friends being her subordinates in a military structure and her expression of personal needs solely in terms of her mission.

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Her entire being is dedicated to either having or establishing control over others, and any element of chaos immediately breaks her facade; her friends never knew her to get upset until Nui, a walking tornado, arrived at the Sudden Death Runoff Election. Satsuki has to be in control of her life in every way she can, even her friendships, because she lost control at such an early age.

When in private, Satsuki never lets her guard down. The exhaustion and look of defeat on her face when she takes off Junketsu, the evil Kamui and harbinger of enslavement to clothing, is haunted and familiar. Satsuki stands under the shower as a practiced ritual to regain her cool; that experience was not surprising to her.

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She was totally helpless against her abuser. Soon after this is when Satsuki would get her chance to finally turn against Ragyo, and the result reveals more about their relationship. While confronting her mother, Satsuki charges her for the death of her father and unnamed baby sister and the conspiracy to kill all mankind—but not for her own abuse. If Satsuki refused to be that heir, it was enough for her.

I was serious earlier when I called it the harbinger of enslavement to clothing; being a construction of the Original Life Fiber, it represents every horrible violation her mother ever performed on her, in a sense.

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She puts it on anyway and bends it to her will, forcing it to do as she wished without being taken over by its influence. This ability to turn that weakness into strength is seen again when she apologizes to Ryuko and uses her vulnerability to regain moral ground. That apology helps to bring this essay to a close.

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Leading up to this moment, we see Satsuki revealing a much softer side, one no one had seen before. She gave people compliments and allowed Jakazure and Sanageyama to bicker in a way she would have found unbecoming before. All this happened after she confronted her abuser with that fortress she built to defend herself and failed.

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Satsuki Kiryuin really is one of the greatest heroes out there, and I have no end of love for her. Adding in the dimension of her status as sexual abuse survivor increases the amount of respect she deserves, and it helps to inform the series as a whole. The deeply personal and vulnerable place it gives Satsuki in her heart is necessary for her to have such heights of strength and resiliency.

The use of nudity to represent her complete vulnerability demonstrates the power of the half-naked Kamui and why all humans, even Nudist Beach, wear uniforms. Just as Satsuki as a character—as a person—had decided to keep her abuse private, the series allowed this most sensitive and intimate struggle to push a character representing pure power and rebellion with a kind of quiet dignity to match the speechless horror it must have kindled, so that she could define her own life on her own terms.

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Subjugation is Liberation! Contradiction is Truth!

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