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I liked Reddit for the borderlands tales from

Do I'm a huge BL fan. Should I play or maybe watch a walkthrough on YouTube?

Reddit Tales From The Borderlands

Online: Yesterday


I didn't even bother to see some gameplays and stupidly imagined they aren't gonna be good enough after playing TWD. Haha agreed TFTB was the one I expected the least but got out the most and is still my favorite today.

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Seeing as I replayed the game recently I was poking around online seeing if there ever will be a season 2 of it and I found that there will be something called tales from the borderlands redux which will be released soon. The trailers looked kind of fake and I couldn't find much information about it so I was just wondering will there be a extended version or a new season of the game and if so is there an estimated release date which you can share? Edit: Well that's too bad I was kind of hopeful that we would get a new installation to the tell tale side of borderlands.

If the trailers weren't released on the official borderlands channels then it is fake.

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Yeah, it's fake. There's been no official announcements of any kind regarding a TftB sequel. Telltale's back in business, though, and Gearbox knows we want one, so it's still a future possibility.

I assume that means no more of anything they did. The company went under, then they were bought out and are now back in business under new and hopefully more competent management. Yeah, unfortunately it's fake.

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But the new Telltale did put TFTBL back up on Steam it was down for a whileso they at least seem to understand people are still interested in the game. How great would it be if they released Tales but as a full fledged BL game. Or something a tad more low key like Pre-Sequel.

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I didn't enjoy playing through tales, but I enjoyed the story. Making Ryhs and Fiona, maybe August and Loader Bot actual vault hunters with skill trees and such would be awesome. Considering a major part of the plot is that the characters absolutely aren't Vault Hunters and aren't skilled in combat, not very great.

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Found the internet! Is tales from the borderlands redux fake?

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Reply Share. It is fake.

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Foreskin hats for my puppets! Continue this thread. More posts from the Borderlands community.

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