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Blonde model Sara Jean Underwood shows her shaved pussy in perfect posing action 6 min.

Sara Underwood Spread

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Performances Playboy Playmate: July Commenting is disabled for non-registered users. Please register and if you want to leave comments.

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Gentlemen, meet your Ladies' Tournament champion. Because, really, Sara Underwood couldn't have done it without you.

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Like Brooklyn Deckerthe inaugural winner of Esquire. Like 30 Rock 's Katrina Bowden — from whom she inherits March's other tournament crown — she is, in fact, hot. But ina year-old's Twitter offense can work faster than Kentucky's, and in a voting competition on the Internet, a strong nerd fanbase is king. The most recent of distracting co-hosts on G4 TV's Attack of the ShowUnderwood was nice enough to celebrate a finals victory over Kate Middleton on her home court, following in the footsteps of her Attack predecessor Alison Haislip : She immediately invited over our photographer to her apartment for a bonus round of his Me in My Place series with us.

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Two million votes and one day later, here is the acceptance speech. With pictures.

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And her cat. And maybe some glasses.

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At the beginning, nobody really said anything. But as it kept getting closer, everyone was kind of like, Wow, you're in the Sweet Sixteen? And then: Oh, the Elite Eight?

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They just didn't — they didn't have that much confidence. I think. I tweet, and they listen. But I started to feel really guilty because, you know, I ask them to vote once and they do. And then I ask them to vote again and they're like, Okay, fine.

And — not gonna lie — I did vote for myself. And my mom did. And my aunts. And my grandma. And my dad. On every computer, in every round, every bracket. We did a shout-out on Attack of the Show before we went dark for a week, and G4 put up a on their site asking everyone to vote, and couple of gossip sites did, too.

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So I had some help. I don't know that in the end that really makes me the hottest woman ofor just the hardest-working to get votes. But either way, I'll take it.

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Brooklyn Decker, Katrina Bowden, now me. It's because blondes are better. Do I get a trophy? If I get a trophy, I will find a spot.

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My place is very small, but I'll move some candles and perfume over. Or if someone wants to make me one, I'd love that. Maybe I'll just make myself my own trophy. I wondered if I've been bugging my fans. At least we squeezed in a sexy photo shoot for them.

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Their hard work was not in vain. I usually have a team behind me with fake lashes and blush and hair extensions and all that.

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Then all of a sudden on Wednesday I'm shooting Esquire's Hottest Woman of and you guys don't want any of that: Don't do your hair, don't do your makeup — just wear whatever you wear around the house. And I do just wear underwear and a top. It's a good reflection of my real life. I mean, all of that stuff was straight out of my pajama drawer. So, yeah, the stove's clean from when my landlord cleaned it when I moved in. But people were coming over! So I spent the whole night before just cleaning. And cleaning. Spic and span.

I think it's a of the times, how popular it is being a cooler kind of nerd — knowing your gadgets, being into video games. In the past, that wasn't, you know, the coolest thing to be.

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But it's really sort of turning. But I've always been a nerdy girl in the sense that I was an only child — a socially awkward only child — whose dad was an electrical engineer. I was never a cool girl, by any means, at any point in my life, until Playboy came into it.

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I came out of this small little town, having never modeled a day in my life. So to be thrown into this L. The thrill of Playmate of the Year on top of it was really, really overwhelming.

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But this is a different sort of satisfaction because, Playmate of the Year — let's be honest, I really didn't have to do anything. I literally got picked out of Oregon State University because they thought I was pretty, and I took some photos, everybody liked them, and I got voted Playmate of the Year. Which is great, but I feel like this is coming from the hard work I put in at G4. People liked me for me, not just because they liked my photos. So thank you all for confirming what I really already knew: that I was the hottest woman in the entire world of all time.

Sara jean underwood

It's kind of what I've suspected my entire life; this is just another confirmation of it and I appreciate it very much. But, really, thank you. It feels good. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Richer Poorer's Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt. The Shakedown at Sing Sing.

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Picture of Sara Jean Underwood No, I don't cook at all. I've made Top Ramen and some tea and that's about it. Yeah, I play Xbox. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses.

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