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Puerto Plata dating guide advises how to pick up Dominican girls and how to hookup with local women in Puerto Plata.

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Enjoying Your Day at Cambiaso Beach. Tourists often visit the Dominican Republic to enjoy a day or two at the beach.

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The city of Puerto Plata is an interesting place.

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Filled with tourism and old white guys for nearly three decades, many Puerto Plata girls are a bit weary of foreigners and their intentions. Sex tourism is rampant on the north coast of the Dominican Republic and that can taint the dating market. Still, many sexy Puerto Plata girls are attracted to younger foreign men willing to spend more than a few days in the city.

Puerto Plata City rarely gets many tourists not staying in a resort. So you can distinguish yourself from the resort-types by renting a nice hotel in the center or an apartment on Airbnb. Now, this is where things get iffy. From a physical standpoint, Puerto Plata is a beach city. So you can expect the girls here to look absolutely amazing naked.

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A couple of the girls I met in Puerto Plata stripped down and my jaw absolutely dropped to the floor. The combination of Dominican genes and going to the beach every week had them looking amazing.

How to date puerto plata girls – city guide

This was especially evident at night. This was weird to me, especially after living in Santo Domingo. The city is said to have overhotel beds. Basically, stay near the city center if you want to meet Dominican girls in Puerto Plata City. Staying at the resort will attract chapiadoras, but normal Puerto Plata girls can be turned off by tourists at resorts.

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Sex in Puerto Plata is not difficult. They wanted to see if I was lying about being in the city for more than one week. Once they saw I was being honest, it was easy to get them to meet up for dates and come back to my place. The good news? Because she knows you could easily meet as many prostitutes as you like in the city.

If you want to get laid in Puerto Plata City without paying for it, all you have to do is follow the methods below. This is what works:. As the nightlife here is awful, meeting Dominican girls online is key. Here are the best sites to use:. Each week there are nearly active women between the ages of on the dating site. And it gets better…. The women on this site are specifically looking to meet travelers.

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If you plan to stay in the city for awhile, then using Latin American Cupid could be a great idea, too. Using this site will tip the odds in your favor and almost guarantee you get laid here. A few middle-class women use the app, but I found less than 50 girls to swipe here. If you use Tinder, feel free to swipe Puerto Plata girls. However, the few girls that I did match with were pretty cute and I managed to get one date from the app. The biggest university in the city is on the outskirts of town and not that walkable. As such, traditional day game methods in the DR are out of the picture.

If you want to meet women during the day, you have three options:. If you see a cute girl or three alone at the beach without family or mengo talk with them. My best success with women in Puerto Plata came from an innocent conversation at the beach. Playa Dorada will be decidedly more tourists. Do note that you might get one or two chances to talk to a cute girl each hour.

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The best way to meet Puerto Plata girls during the day is in the city center. If you spend PM walking around the city center during the week, you should see some girls.

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Girls are getting out of school or getting off of work at this time. This is a ballsy way, but it actually works in Puerto Plata City.

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If you have some balls, go talk to a sexy girl working out here. Not a high percentage play whatsoever.

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I hated the nightlife here the two times I tested it out. The clubs are almost always filled with hookers. Upper class girls in Puerto Plata often venture to Santiago de los Caballeros to party. If you really want to party, I have three suggestions. First, go to Cabarete on a Saturday night. Next, go to Santiago de los Caballeros.

Head there on a Saturday, book a cheap hotel, and party your balls off. Spend the night and head back to the beach on Sunday. Lastly, just bring a date to a bar or club for a little dancing.

This way the hookers will stay away from you. I hate to say it, but you can get by without Spanish in Puerto Plata City.

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However, zero Spanish will hurt you with the women. Your value as a traveler skyrockets to girls here — if you can speak some Spanish. Trust me. Take some time and study a bit before you arrive. I recommend starting here. Overall, Puerto Plata is a solid place to combine Dominican girls and the beach.

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Living and traveling around Latin America, Papi Chulo learned a thing or two about dating stunning Latinas. Now, he's sharing that information with the world. If you've ever wanted to meet stunning, exotic women - the time is now!

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