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Sexy Sisters Of Battle

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Things move fast in the modern 40K universe, and it was less than 9 months ago that we first opened up the shiny new Adepta Sororitas codex to take a look at the goodies inside. As with all factions, Sisters receive both some boosts and some knocks from the accumulated set of changes. The key high level ones are as follows:.

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Mostly the outlook for Sisters is pretty positive, and I expect them to perform strongly early in the edition, with armies using the Valorous Heart and Bloody Rose continuing to be the standouts. The codex is very powerful and provides players with an exceptional toolbox of tricks to catch out their opponents, but the range is also quite small and has pretty limited options in some slots. A couple of slightly painful point hikes further constrains this, and you end up in a situation where the Sisters have a good game plan, but are a little bit less flexible in how they can address it than some armies.

Sisters of Battle Canoness. Credit: Corrode.

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The HQ slot generally works out positively for the Sororitas. Their non-named characters all went up by pretty standard amounts, meaning that Canonesses and Missionaries continue to provide decent HQ slot fillers and general force multipliers when required. Named characters are where the big wins in this section come through.

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Celestine and the Triumph of St. Katherine, on the other hand, are going to be everywhere. Both only went up 10pts, which is great for their starting prices, and both are better than ever in 9th Edition. Both also win from being INFANTRY, and thus getting the best version of most terrain effects, with the Triumph even gaining a specific rule to stop it falling foul of its wound count for Obscuring terrain. The Battle Sister continues to be a good core infantry choice.

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They go up two points per model plus another point on each storm bolter that the squ often pack, taking you to 55pts for a bare-bones squad and 61pts with the extra shots. Sisters have an extremely dense set of Elites options, with a mix of Ecclisarchy weirdos and specialist Sister squ. This covers Imagifiers and the Repentia Superior. Repentia Superiors also continue to be a useful model to have around when you have Repentia, and not taking up a slot is now going to almost always be an upside too. Losing the ability to easily get the Repentia to S8 makes re-rolling 1s to wound slightly less good, but still fieldable.

When that happens, take a preacher in one of the ample Elites slots instead.

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Next up, a big winner — Celestians. These were distinctly nearly there in the codex on launch, and 9th edition pushes them over the top.

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Taken together, that make Celestians great, especially as Bloody Rose. Their inbuilt re-roll hits while near a character, plus their ability to re-roll wounds via a strat make them one of the better ways to get a mild damage spike off in an emergency if you buy them meltas and a combi-melta, but the real value comes in their ability to get stuck into combat in an emergency.

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That kind of tunable flexability is extremely valuable in 9th, so expect to see way more of these which is good because their helmets are way cool. Speaking of Repentia, these took a little bit of a knock in that all S modifiers are now applied consistently, so you can no longer get them up to S8 via Tale of the Warrior. Our last entry here is another unit that was popular in Bloody Rose in 8th — Zephyrim. Two options in this slot, one gets better, one gets a bit worse, both end up usable — so generally good news!

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Much like Celestians, Dominions gain considerably in comparison to basic Sisters thanks to the uniform point changes. Instead of the Celestian schtick of being able to punch stuff in melee and rack up re-rolls, these most notably give you access to a pre-game move, which they make at the start of the first battle round. Lucius on an Imagifier seems like a good shout for Valorous Heart in particular.

Sisters of Battle Seraphim. The other option here, Seraphim, took one of the few large point increases in the book, going up four points each.

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I think you could argue that maybe three points rather than four would have been better, but given you nearly make that back on the Infernos, you can work with it. Heavy support sees a bit of tuning that changes the viability of some units, but no massive overhauls. Next up, we have Retributors.

9th edition faction focus: sisters of battle

Like a lot of INFANTRY that can ignore the heavy weapon penalties, these gain a bit from the new split costs on a lot of heavy weapons, keeping them at a reasonable-ish price. Last but not least, the Exorcist. This was a pretty spicy inclusion in Valorous Heart lists in 8th, but has been hit with a reasonably large increase, going up both on the chassis and its mandatory heavy bolter. The big thing they do gain is that they can now move and shoot without penalty, which since they rely on line of sight to fire is excellent for them.

Not too much to say here.

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The Rhino stays pretty cheap, and will continue to be used for transporting Repentia and now potentially Celestians sexy. The Immolator continues to be bafflingly expensive, ending up in an awkward space of being neither good as a tank nor as a transport, and will continue not to see any real use as a result. Whisper it kids, but the Battle Sanctum might now be good, actually? Sisters continue to be huge fans of bringing a tagalong Inquistor, largely to help Repentia make it into combat with Terrify.

Any of Coteaz, Draxus or a basic Xenos inquisitor continue to have a place in lists. There is now a mild downside in that doing so locks you out of the very powerful Abhor the Witch secondary against some armies, but ultimately Repentia are one of the big draws to the faction and can get messed up bad by a lot of things on overwatch, so the calculus probably still falls on the side of packing one.

Note: A reader has pointed out that the exact wording of Sacred Rites means that currently RAW you lose access to them if you bring an battle. We believe that to be an oversight, as the newer wording on Imperial Agents is clearly meant not to disrupt army-wide abilities, but do be aware of it and hopefully an FAQ will address it. Some of their best are:.

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Triumph of St. Celestians x10, 2 meltaguns, combi-melta, power sword, cherub, simulacrum — Celestians x9, 2 meltaguns, combi-melta, power sword, cherub, simulacrum — Imagifier, Tale of the Warrior, Heroine in the making — Beacon of Faith, Open the Vaults — Litanies of Faith — 45pts, 2CP Preacher — 35 Battle x9 — Repentia x9 — Running out of Elite slots in a Battalion, what a time to be alive.

It should be reasonably clear what the basic plan is here — move up into the mid board with the Rhinos, Repentia, Celestians, Triumph and some of the Sisters, as an initial thrust to force your opponent to engage, then kick the crap out of their main body with Celestians and Repentia while bringing in Mortifiers who often go into sisters and Seraphim wherever the opponent is weak to do some damage.

Katherine — Sexy. Lucius — 45pts, 2CP. Dominions x10, 4 storm bolters, combi-melta, simulacrum — Dominions x10, 4 storm bolters, combi-melta, simulacrum — Dominions x10, 3 storm bolters, combi-melta, simulacrum — This army trades the flexibility of flanking units for a more concrete plan to dominate the first turn of the game. You probably then want to blow an Act of Faith to get a big advance on the Imagifier turn 1 so that you can shift the whole army upwards to start really dominating things. That includes the Exorcists, who can use their new mobility to shuffle up with the blob, keep part of their hull tagged into the Imagifier aura to benefit while lining up choice shots.

That also lets them try and stick with the Triumph, giving them access to auto-passed saves in a pinch.

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Finally, you do of course still have the Repentia contingent waiting in their Rhinos to rock out and do mischief. You have a bit more flexibility on Sacred Rites here — Hand of the Emperor is still a fine choice, but Spirit of the Martyr would also be justifiable if your opponent deploys cautiously. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions let us know at contact goonhammer.

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Battle Sisters. Credit: RichyP. Death Cult Assassins. Credit: SRM. Repentia Superior. Credit: Starvolt. Credit: Dunkelbrau. Synthwave Immolator Credit: Silks.

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