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Susan woman storm up friend to Sexy

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Sexy Susan Storm

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Honestly, I do not understand how some of these ComicVine fan lists of or so favorite comic women could possibly not put Sue on their list, unless they have something against blondes I suppose. However, that does not explain it, as they seem to have plenty of other blondes on their lists. I don't know whether to laugh or back away slowly. Martinique Wyngrade said:.

Name: Tine
How old am I: I am 33
Ethnic: I'm sudanese
Meeting with: Gentleman
Zodiac sign: Aries
What is my favourite drink: White wine
What I like to listen: Blues
Other hobbies: Cooking

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Say Hi to Tanya on twitter, TanyaTate. More Tanya cosplay on www. Here's one of 'em :.

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Unfortunately it has excessive photo-manipulation didn't read the guidelines b4 hand Mainly wanted to make Reed with the superboy head, but then I ended up making everyone. Reed: No one likes Health Hut. Here, Ben, I'll stretch my arm over to get the drinks because I'm Mr. Reed: But you don't like Health Hut. I've never heard you say, 'Wow, I can't wait to have a good seaweed-algae-kelp mush mash! Constructed with custom parts and decals from the Fine Clonier, www. Transparent Figures. Look at what I am!

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We shoot ourselves into space And this is what we get! This is what I get! More pictures here: JustaLottaTanya. This is from a recent photoshoot where I finally was able to do a professional set of photos in my Cosplay costumes. Invisible Woman wip. Have the hair to go with the figure. Soon Johnny and Ben will have a mediator. Source: photos. Another of the quick assemblies I put together to crank out the requisite of piccys to adorn the panels of the Zero-G Wunderkammer cossie.

This one focused on some heroic boffins, though I noticed that rogue Timelord, Missy, somehow found her way into the shoot! Ah well, she did come good and eventually worked with the Doctor, rather than against him!

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The various incarnations of the Doctor figures, of course, were so numerous that they had their own picture. Some seriously brained up peeps in there. Oh, has anyone else noticed that the Star Trek reboot Mr Scott figure, though notionally based on Simon Pegg, actually looks a lot like Sheldon Cooper? Just sayin' Official : www.

Invisible woman

If you see yourself in this or any of my other pictures, let me know in the comments, or by ing me at loser: [at] istolethe [dot] tv. Say Hi to Tanya on twitter, www. Instagram : instagram. Explore Trending Events More More. Tags susanstorm. View all All Photos Tagged susanstorm.

Here's one of 'em : Unfortunately it has excessive photo-manipulation didn't read the guidelines b4 hand Fantastic Four by Kaiju Dan. At the Greasy Freeze Sue: Why do we always come here?

Sue richards

Why don't we go to Health Hut? Ben: Yeah. Here's the first one, Stretcho. Sue: I go to eat at Health Hut because it has food that's good for you. You set the tacos on fire!

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It's all the grease!! Reed: Johnny, why do you need to stand there in flame form??

Just flame off! Johnny: I'm impressing the girls that are working in there! Ben: Say, we're gonna need another order of tacos too. Yeah, thanks. Mini Mates Marvel Fantastic Four. These minifigs are cutoms made by Decool entreprise. The pipe use like extended arm comes from Ghostbusters set Figures are online now, transparent hair pieces will be added shortly. Invisible Woman v. Which is your fave TanyaTate cosplay outfit? These are a few I have wore.

WIP for Susan Storm! Sneak Peak. New Stuff peps by Letgoofmylego. Fantastic Four, Finally! Photo by John Hudson Chrome minifig is another custom.

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Portraits: Invisible Woman by Blindzider. I liked the white background for this, which reminded me of a labcoat Invisible Woman Cosplay by wongcosplaybr Official. Sue Storm Cosplayer: Vera Vanguard www. The Rescue by Atari Warlord. Weapon H 6 by FranMoff. Welcome Home! DragonCon by Jason Grey.

Another shot from head to toe of Remy, Rogue, and Sue. The Invisible Woman by Atari Warlord.

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We've been sitting here 40 minutes listening to the same song over and over! When's the next show?? I just looked at the program, this IS the act! They're just playing the old Genesis song over the system! The Planks has gone too far this time! You think Invisible Man is getting us back for how we treated him?