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Aesthetically skinny seeking and to Short

I hate it. I'm a fucking stick at lbs and 5ft4. Of course lbs is better than my weight last year, which was 90 lbs but its still soo fucking skinny.

Short And Skinny Guys

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Name: Janeta
Years: 20
What is my nationaly: Peruvian
Color of my eyes: Brilliant brown eyes
What is my sex: I'm fem
What is my hair: Red
Body features: I'm quite thin
What I prefer to drink: White wine
My piercing: None

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Being short isn't a bad thing. But appearing short because of your clothing?

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That's not a good look and you can be taught how to look taller. No clothing will add actual inches to your height but well-chosen clothes can keep the vertical lines smooth and unbroken so that the viewer's eye travels automatically up the body and past the head. This gives an impression of height without straining to add any artificially, making for a relaxed and eye-catching image. In this article, you will discover:. Relaxed confidence is what style is all about and cheating for every extra half-inch or extra pound is the opposite of relaxed.

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Forget about risers and shoulder p to add artificial inches. Instead, look for clothing that adds the impression of height with clean, unbroken vertical lines. You can add breadth to the body without losing the image of size by wearing heavier fabrics, wide V-shaped on the front of the body, and careful layering. Anything that incorporates bold patterns or strong horizontal lines is right out — these will stop the eye in its path up your frame and create a squat appearance rather than a balanced one. Good trousers for short men go a long way to adding the appearance of height and extending the body, which is how to look taller.

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Slim fit is the goal. The looser a garment is, the more extra wrinkles and folds will appear.

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These will make a man look like his clothing swallows him. You want to make sure you have a slight break at the top of the shoe for the pant leg and a drop that eliminates any sag in the crotch.

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Getting an experienced tailor goes a long way to getting this right. Cuffs add nothing to the pant and only break up the streamlined appearance that you are needing. Pleats give the wearer extra room in the seat area, which a slender man doesn't need. Getting rid of these two details helps you get a streamlined look. A belt clearly and blatantly cuts your look in half.

You are going for a simple and unbroken look up your body to your face; the belt stops the eyes right in the middle and draws attention to your stature. Whenever possible, avoid belts and go for a classic set of suspenders. Getting trousers that don't have belt loops are better in this situation, as empty belt loops make an outfit look unfinished.

What to look for in clothing for short men

For the most part, your trousers should be simple monochromes. Dark colors give the slimmest, most streamlined appearance. Darker colors on the lower body paired with lighter colors above help draw the attention up toward your face the same way that vertical patterning does. Wearing any horizontal shaped patterns has a widening effect. Because of this, wearing checks or window panes will make you look shorter and stouter.

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Go for more vertical patterns to make yourself seem taller. The torso can be a little more complicated when you are trying to look both taller and broader.

#1 what kind of pants look good on short legs?

Too little and you accentuate your slender frame, too much, and you look wide — highlighting your short stature. Adding some layers is excellent when the weather and social situation allows. Cable knit sweaters add vertical lines and ificant breadth, making them an outstanding cold-weather choice. If you're in a situation that warrants one, a stylish man's sports coat or suit is a short man's friend. Adding peaked lapels to the jacket encourages this impression even further and adds a bit of flair.

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Ties should be on the skinny side to avoid hiding too much of your chest. Avoid bright and vibrant patterns that will hold people's gaze.

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Dark colors or very minimal vertical patterns are best here, just as anywhere else. There's not much that a short and slender man can't wear, as long as he's careful about fit, fabric and function. The one to always avoid is a loose fit — baggy clothes will look like they're swallowing you. Nothing looks worse than a man overpowered by his clothing.

Keep things close to the body though a bit of looseness around the lower legs or the forearms is fine and adds size to your visual impression. At the same time, avoid anything that hugs so tight you can see the definition of your body through it, especially when wearing unlayered outfits.

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This is not how to look taller. Keep the patterns to a minimum and especially avoid anything with strong horizontal stripes or large checks. Dress with confidence, and you'll add more presence than anything that promises to increase your size by adding inches and half-inches here and there. Ready to earn more money and command respect with the right clothing? Want to start dressing sharp today? our free Newsletter and get style advice and new content updates sent straight to your inbox!

What To Look For In Clothing For Short Men Relaxed confidence is what style is all about and cheating for every extra half-inch or extra pound is the opposite of relaxed.