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Skinning dipping woman pictures wants francais

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Skinning Dipping Pictures

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Name: Belva
Age: 18
Where am I from: I'm from The Philippines
Sexual orientation: Man
Hair: Short coarse dark-haired hair
I prefer to drink: Tequila
I prefer to listen: Country

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The sensual details of this Water series are both crystal clear and beautifully distorted, remininding us of a Southern Californihood growing up in swimming pools. Terry Hastings discovered photography after years in the theater and performing arts.

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He may have ly directed performers onstage into great configurations and stage pictures, he now collaborates with the four elements: Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire. He was immediately taken with his surroundings both geographical and societal. He found this place to be a dichotomy of people: one set basking in a verdant oasis and the other set struggling in a city that was barren and dry.

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Terry's first geographic adventure was out to the sand dunes just north of Palm Springs. You can see them just off the highway to your right, as you enter from Los Angeles, this little pile of sand as if the mountain split a seam.

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Terry grabbed his camera, a model, and 15 yards of fabric he just happened to have lying around, and set out on his adventure. The wind makes a wonderful dance partner and Terry snapped shots capturing the beauty created by model, fabric, and wind.

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Sometimes the wind blows off the mountain, sometimes it blows into the mountain, and on those most special of days, it blows straight up to the sky! Terry prints his photographs on metal and they are available at a reasonable price.

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Find out more at his gallery site. All Rights Reserved.

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Celebrate the pool parties of Southern California with these gorgeous painterly abstractions by Terry Hastings.