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Skyrim Osa Plugins

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Potentially this framework adds more interactive storytelling and personality to Skryimwhich could extend replay value as we wait several more years for the next The Elder Scrolls chapter. A player could add profiles to followers for personal use such as role-playing value or to simply keep track of preferred armor and weapons, or follower-mod creators can add more background for players using OSA. First, we need OSA installed.

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Take some time to look over the description to get an idea of what OSA is about and how to interact with it in game. Additional modules add gameplay functionality, but all we need is the OSA framework to access character profiles.

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Go ahead and try OSA out to see how it works. Aproach a non-player character NPCand press numpad-plus key to reveal a menu including character persona, configuration, and equipment asments. Use numpad-8 to move up the menu, numpad-5 to move down, and numpad-7 to select.

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The lack of a profile is the subject of our task. Grab that to use as a working example to modify. Update for OSA v1. The file we need is profile. In the Camilla example, we find the file located in v1.

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The plugin is, Kate. So, if the game freezes, check for errors in the XML file. These tags in the properties section make it easier to edit such that the values will be used later, possibly multiple times, using the title in curly braces.

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When making a new character profile, simply change property values instead of hunting through the layout text. I changed the nameColor from pink to purple.

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Use a graphics program or on the web to find HTML color codes. Naturally, I changed raceclassTypeand a few other property values to match what I felt works for Kate.

What are some good plugins for osa?

You may re-title the splash section as you see fit. As shown below, the section includes displaying variables name, nameColor, title, and race we edited above using curly brackets. The big change I made here is on lines replacing the astrology section with the new properties defined above representing top three skills. Put in whatever makes sense.

Skyrim mods osa b. skyrim assembly from comicona. from technical modifications

The panel tags show up as additional profile icons, one for each panel-tag. Notice that Camilla has two more icons, one for her biography and another for her diary. Navigate to her profile and it should appear similar to the screen captures below.

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Notice the two icons as we only created two sections splash and biography panel. With the basics out of the way, next try changing colors or adding more panels.

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The panels may be of type vsplit or longtext. When adding more content check in game to be sure the layout appears nice.

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Add profiles for more characters for your personal play. Also, profiles may be updated using Papyrus scripts as your story progresses. Well, those mods would be incompatible. So far, only one quest mod and a poser mod use OSA and neither use the profile feature.

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The framework looks as though it has good potential. It will be interesting to see how more mods put this framework to use.

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Upon hearing of the Dragonborn, Kate traveled with her horse, Guenivere, to Riverwood in order to pledge her assistance to the Dragonborn. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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