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I Skyrim looking mod boy that take crossdresser

Fills the prisons of Skyrim with prisoners.

Skyrim Take Prisoners Mod

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Realistic prison mod?

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Realistic Prison Mod? PsychoticPie New Member. I think it'd be cool to have a realistic prison mod.

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You couldn't just click your bed and skip the prison time, you'd actually have to serve your sentence. The more bounty, the longer the time. So going to jail would be a big deal. Perhaps with quest in each prison, corrupt guards, prison hierarchies, and drug trades.

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Each prison would work differently of course. Like The Chill would just be torturous isolation. Like x 1.

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NekoJake New Member. A realistic prison mod would make the jails and prisons a bit more interesting. Another idea for it, is that after your bounty gets to high enough.

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Where the worst of the worst criminals are kept. Maybe have a few quests for the Dark Brotherhood or the Thieves Guild. Mark95 Member. Yeah a mod for this would be epic, considering that the prison system on skyrim isn't very good at the minute Agree x 1.

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Master0zGuns New Member. Andre Agostini New Member. Win New Member.

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Trippy New Member. The Rook Make a fine rug? I don't crochet.

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Torok Active Member. That Nexus mod better make it onto Steam. It looks cool and we deserve cool mods. I know Steam restricts and that Nexus is so much better. I tried Nexus before but I messed something up horribly and now I'm afraid to try again. Unless they developed an easier way to download their mods. I'll need a step by step tutorial on everything I do on there, I have no idea what a BSA file is or how to extract a file, or unzip this I'm pretty computer illiterate.

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But if it means I get cool mods and don't have to keep bugging the poor Nexus authors to put mods on Steam anymore, then I'll use Nexus. ShenziSixaxis Article Writer. And if you're going to mod your game, you need to be willing to learn the basics, the terminology, etc. Put a little bit of effort into learning how to mod; you will eventually learn if you are willing, and it will likely help your PC illiteracy at the same time.

Before you go

Back to the topic How utterly boring such a mod would be. There is a reason that Skyrim's prison system is basically sleeping through the sentence: you have nothing to do and thus it would more than likely be extremely boring as the player. Go into Breezehome and force yourself to just stand around in there for eight real life hours; that's not very fun, is it? Quest mods pertaining to this idea would be a fun thing, but I doubt it would ever happen.

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Quest mods require a lot of time and skill to create. Show Ignored Content. Share This Tweet. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?