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I am seek yuri that not fantage

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Soul Eater Not Yuri

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Hide Up. Soul Eater NOT!

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Seemingly aimed at a different audience than those who loved the classic, SEN! Residing in the heart of Death City, Death Weapon Meister Academy is where young meisters and demon weapons learn to master their latent abilities. A weapon needs a meister to wield it, so students must pair up with a compatible partner in order to function properly.

Unlike the EAT Especially Advantaged Talent class—which focuses on using your power to fight the forces of evil—the NOT class is the curriculum for non-combatants that focuses on being able to control your power to be able to lead a normal, everyday life.

Micah solusod

A large portion of the story revolves around Tsugumi having to choose who will become her partner, Anya or Meme. Also, the mix of slice of life with occasional action makes for a unique combination that provides a couple of darker moments in the series than what is normally found in the genre.

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At times darker than most other slice of life shows, yet lighter than most other action shows, SEN! The characters are decent enough, but compared to the original Soul Eater cast, they pale in comparison. Speaking of the original cast, a few of them make the occasional cameo, but their roles are unfortunately limited. Things begin and end with Tsugumi, the main protagonist. Oftentimes at night, Meme will start sleepwalking and will get into mischief like drunken boxing, late-night treks through town, and cozying up to Tsugumi in bed.

She has much more personality than Tsugumi and is a good source of comedy.

Jacqueline x kim [soul eater not!]

She adds a little something different than what cute Meme and ordinary Tsugumi have to offer. With Tsugumi being such a bland character, Meme and Anya carry more of the responsibility to keep things interesting, and they do an admirable job. This brings us to the main yuri pairing of Kim and Jacqueline.

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Jackie is the exact opposite. If opposites attract, then these two will certainly test that theory to the fullest.

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As a whole, the audio is generally pretty decent and does a serviceable job across the board. Most of the things that made it stand out so much are missing and are replaced with cutesy slice of life that could rub fans the wrong way.


However, judged purely on its own merits, the series is an average to slightly above average slice of life show with more action and more yuri-centric themes than you probably would have expected going in. Like Like. There was a surprising amount, wasn't there? It wouldn't have been as interesting if Tsugumi were more interested in Akane, so it's good that there was more than enough yuri.

That name does work on two levels.

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Tsugumi certainly is not my favorite type of lead character. An ordinary girl live an ordinary life, and for some reasons her life change degrees. That was a really common background for an anime.

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A mainstream type main character. Fortunately some of the other characters covered the lack of the main characters. This series pretty much enjoyable, but not one of the series that i really want to see the sequel.

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Tsugumi and her two girlfriends were the best part of the show. The cameos and references to the main series were also cool. Not all of those types of characters are that bad, but Tsugumi was pretty boring. Meme or Anya would've been better main characters IMO. It was okay, but I don't think it was good enough for me to be enthused about another season either. One season was enough for me. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google .

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