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Fatties stomach seek ache for bites

The pain that never goes away, comes in mix of dull pain and cramps. The hassle of needing to use the toilet every hour or so. The feeling of weakness….

Stomach Ache Fetish

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It just come naturally. Seriously, I was 5 when I realize I have this attraction except I did not acknowledge it was called a 'fetish'. It was not sexual, it never sexual, but once in a while I crave it, pretty much like I crave snuggled up with certain love interests. Even more. Two of my best friends knows and support me, though. I've been told it's 'normal' but idk until this day I still weirded out myself.

Name: Brittani
Age: 23
What is my ethnicity: I'm canadian
Gender: Lady
My figure features: I'm quite strong
What I like to listen: Latin
Hobbies: Sailing

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N: hello, Mr Reynolds, my name is Nikita, I'm a nurse practitioner, and I'll be examining you today, what seems to be the problem? N: I'm sorry to hear that Mr Reynolds. Unfortunately, before we can start treating your symptoms, I have to ask you some questions and do a physical exam of your abdomen. Have you had any nausea or vomiting?

I have stomach ache fetish

R: a dull, throbbing pain all over, and. N: on a scale of 0 being no pain, and 10 being the worst pain ever, how would you rate the throbbing pain you feel all over? N: ok, I'm going to examine your stomach now. If I could have you please lie down on your back with your knees slightly bent to help relax your abs.

And we need to undress your stomach, so I can see and feel it freely. Bowel sounds are normal, which is good because it means that your bowels are working properly and there's no obstruction.

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Now I'm going to lightly palpate your stomach to feel for any localized tenderness or abnormalities in your abdominal wall. I know that you're hurting and this might add to your discomfort and I apologize for that, but it's an important step in figuring out what's wrong and I promise I'll be as gentle as possible, okay? N: ok, Mr Reynolds, the good news is that your abdomen isn't rigid or distended. However, I do still need to deeply palpate your stomach to inspect your internal organs.

Do I have your permission to proceed? She has to use two handed palpation to apply enough pressure to push through his tensed ab muscles.

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She starts with the upper right quadrant and places the flat of one hand against the abdomen and uses her other hand to push it in deeply. She releases the pressure gently so as to avoid causing him extra pain as much as possible. She methodically does this all over all four quadrants of the abdomen. R: ohhhh… owwww… it hurts….

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Ughhhh… my stomach hurts so bad…owwww…. Oh Mr Reynolds, I'm so sorry, but it seems that you most likely have viral gastroenteritis, which is really just the medical term for inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

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Unfortunately, it's just something that has to run its fetish as your immune system fights off the virus causing it, and there's no medication that I can give you to help you feel better…. N: oh, I just hate seeing you in so much pain… there is actually an experimental treatment that we can try… I could try to get your poor irritated guts to stop spasming so much through stomach.

It would be similar to the palpation I performed earlier, but with focus on relaxing all the ache intestines… would you be open to letting me try to help you that way, Mr Reynolds? Nikita starts massaging his belly below the navel - she tries pushing in different spots until she can feel a cramp so intense that it's pulsating under her fingertips, so she starts firmly massaging it N: keeps working at the cramp with her fingertips I know, I'm so sorry, but if you can push through this pain, it should start to relax and feel a bit better. Indeed, the cramp she was working starts dissipating, and he slumps back with just a bit of relief.

She starts feeling around for another spot of tension and easily finds it, since most of his intestines are still in full battle mode.

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He knows what to expect this time and braces himself for the initial surge of pain, as she begins to deeply massage it. N: I know, I'm so sorry, please try to hang in there with me although it's terribly unprofessional of her, she empathizes with his pain so strongly that she's near tears at how bad she feels for him, and she's absolutely desperate to help him feel better.

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Again, it only takes a few seconds of agony before this cramp starts to relax as well, bringing him a little bit more relief again. She continues to diligently search out and deeply stomach his cramps, and he continues to fetish and stifle as she does, until finally, nearly an hour later, all the cramping is gone and he's stomach left with the ebb and flow of a dull all over stomach ache and a particularly sore and exhausted lower belly. R: drained and anguished, he sits up, gently cradling his belly with one hand, and holding his still painful tummy firmly with his other I know you didn't have to spend all that time to help me and I really appreciate it.

My stomach still hurts, but it's manageable now. Pretty sure I can ride the rest of this illness out at home…. N: I'm relieved to hear that Mr Reynolds! You should be feeling back to normal by tomorrow - if not, be sure to call or come back in. In the meantime, try to get some rest and stay hydrated. Belly hurts pretty often and today it was a little achy so I made a big bowl of pasta and now I'm making an already pretty big bellyache worse ; looking for someone to chat to who might wanna encourage me to really mess with my belly.

They beg for their belly to be rubbed, tummy gurgling and cramping so ache tears are starting to well up in their eyes. The caretaker straddles the boy, sitting below the swollen dome of flesh and starts to rub and palpate the tight skin. The increase in pressure causes the pain to spike, making the boy sob and cry out, but the rubs are starting to coax pockets of air to come bubbling up their throat.

The poor boy becomes a burpy fetish as their tummy is harshly rubbed and pushed on, but the swell of their tummy begins to slowly go down as the pressure abates. Finally their belly is much less bloated, but their stomach still aches terribly, so the caretaker bundles them up in soft blankets and cuddles up to them, rubbing their sore ache until they both fall asleep.

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You guys want that? Pain is progress when you gain. If I eat more than a single serving, it gives me pretty narly belly aches. My tummy rounds out like it did in those pics I posted and it makes lots of noise- mostly watery squelching c:. Posts Likes Archive.

Lover of bellyaches

I had a really important meeting but my stomach won't stoppppppahhhh hurttting aaaaghhhh. About 10 hours ago? R: yes N: can you please show me where it hurts? R: ohhhh. R: no N: how would you describe the pain?

Boys with stomach aches

R: not really, but I guess lying down is a bit better than standing or sitting… N: ok, I'm going to examine your stomach now. R: owww…. R: ngggghhhhh he manages to mostly stifle his moan, but still leans forward a bit, wincing N: I know, I'm so sorry, please try to hang in there with me although it's terribly unprofessional of her, she empathizes with his pain so strongly that she's near tears at how bad she feels for him, and she's absolutely desperate to help him feel better.

N: how are you feeling now, Mr Reynolds? Pretty sure I can ride the rest of this illness out at home… N: I'm relieved to hear that Mr Reynolds!

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R: thanks again for all your help! Belly Hurts.

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Anonymous asked: I would love nothing more than to see a video when you have the next worst belly ache ever. Recently Liked. Anonymous asked: Does fruit always upset your tummy?

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