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Sunrider academy scene friend for flirts

Forgot your password? Info: You are Kayto Shields, an ordinary man thrown into an extraordinary adventure.

Sunrider Academy H Scenes

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Hentai dating sim review: sunrider academy

Sunrider Academy is a visual novel, dating sim hybrid. Sunrider Academy is an alternate universe spinoff of Sunrider: Liberation day.

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It takes place in high school. You play as Kayto Shields, a bumbling, somewhat passive high school protagonist. You try to not only keep them open, but win a series of contests throughout the school year. Out of the eight girls from the main Sunrider game, only four of the most important show up here.

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Ava is your strict, overbearing brunette of a student council president. Asaga is the redhead captain of the kendo club, bright but dim. Chigara is the blue-haired shy girl in charge of the science club, who prefers baking sweets to making lasers. And to cap off the cast, Sola is the near-expressionless silver-haired girl who doubles as captain of the swim team and priestess of the Ryuvian Shrine. She appeared briefly in a flashback in the Sunrider MoA game, but was ultimately dead when Cera was attacked.

passionate gal Lola

You go about your daily life, try to better yourself, and others, and go dating with your favorite girl. Each girl has a unique story route that takes a turn for the downright tragic. Like Sola is constantly at risk of being erased from existence due to being from a parallel dimension.

Chigara on the other hand, is the superior clone of a minor character named Lynn, which le the latter to have justified frustrations towards her. Sunrider Academy is set on the fantasy world called Cera.

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You have a strict time format of 10 hours per day, 10 days a week, 5 weeks a month, and 10 months in the whole school year you play. You have three stats to manage for the clubs; team members, readiness, and morale. They each play an important role in winning contests, so it is wise to switch it up and raise them all as best you can.

A lot of the standard conventions in other dating sims are changed up. You are also forced to meet certain requirements to continue the game, like getting enough club members, or simply avoid your stress stat from getting too high.

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For better, or for worse, this game is long. There is plenty of time to build up your sports teams. It is also challenging to make sure you pass checkpoints, and you will likely fail a lot of stat building events. Every girl has charm and beauty to them.

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I found the backgrounds to be boring. Luckily with such engaging character art, the sex scenes look great. Personally, I found each of them endearing and charming, and their unique routes have fanservice preceding the sex. And Chigara gets caught in a science experiment mishap that dissolves her clothes in a puff of smoke!

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As a dating sim, Sunrider Aacdemy is mostly about building up to the love and affection, and it felt rewarding to first learn to know a girl intimately, and then fuck them in the pussy. The music is very top notch.

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And you can play them all back on the music box from the main menu. The only downside is that you have to unlock them first by hearing them play, and some songs are exclusive to certain routes. The English voice actors for Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius were really good. Despite the small miss of no voices, the game makes use of a lot of unique sound effects. The metallic click of a button, the robotic beep as you hover over a button, and the sweet sound of a successful green O are all music to my ears.

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Even the failure X has a distinct feel to the game that is both crushing and aspiring you to do better. They fit the tone and atmosphere of the futuristic school setting and help give it a unique feel. I enjoyed Sunrider Academy for what it was; a fun dating sim full of cute girls. Love In Space delivered a great experience for fans of this genre of games, and I heartily recommend you try it.

All of its assets from art to music are great stuff.

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I recommend this title to fans of hentai dating sims. Download Sunrider Academy.

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Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. Written by BoKo, edited by Otaku Apologist. The game gradually dips from a cheerful tone, into darkness.

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Overall 3. Views: 3, Related Posts. About OtakuApologist Hentaireviews' admin. : otakuapologist gmail.

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