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I'm taboo baka that tattoos hardcore

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Taboo Tattoo Baka

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One night, a boy called Seigi saves a man from being beat up by punks. In return, the man gives him a mysterious tattoo on his hand. Later, Seigi is randomly attacked by a girl on his way to school. His school friends tell him about the secret weapon developed by America to fight against the super-advanced Kingdom of Selinistan. Apparently, the weapon was stolen and brought to Japan…and just so happens to resemble a tattoo. After school, he runs into the same girl, who steals his phone and runs away.

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Back in the old days, having a tattoo means being associated with all those underground gangs and bad people. Although people are more open these days and many have spot some harmless to funny tattoos on some parts of the body, in some culture like Japan, tattoos are still regarded widely as taboo because it is still a mark associated with the yakuza. So what a better way to promote and lift the taboo of tattoos by doing an anime series regarding the cool use of tattoos. Tattoos that give its users super powers and fight the forces of evil! Okay, I lied. But it is still about certain people bestowed with strange tattoos that give them super powers to fight.

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And what do you know? We must always have that normal Japanese high school boy who gets caught in between the power struggle and he is the key to it all because he possesses a rare latent power. Episode 1 Seigi Akatsuka saves a homeless from thugs.

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As his reward, he sticks some tattoo in his palm which eventually becomes embedded. Thanks for the pain, mister. It is just a ploy to lead him to an isolated place where she proceeds to beat him down. So the main character is going to die on the first episode? Then she apologizes for going too far as she was just merely testing him. You call beating him nearly to death as a test? She is impressed he could stand his ground without using his tattoo. Well, Seigi is trained in martial arts after all.

She explains the tattoo is a product of some super scientific experiment. It allows its users enhanced physical abilities and bring forth supernatural phenomena. Such users are called Sealed. She demonstrates using a chalk as a trigger on her tattoo that turns into an air bomb.

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Seigi gets more beat down from his dojo class. Is he playing a pun on his name? For the next few days, Izzy keeps a close watch on Seigi.

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Well, each person has a different trigger. Suddenly this big American guy tries to kill them after Tom failed to apprehend him in time.

Taboo tattoo episode 2 discussion

Theodore Wilson is from the American mafia trying to get those tattoos from the yakuza. Seigi uses his agility and speed to get the better of him but eventually takes a fatal blow. This is the second time he is going to get killed this episode so naturally he has a flashback on what his dad told him about reaching out to get what he wants. Izzy is shocked that Seigi is in possession of a Void Maker, a triggerless tattoo that none has matched since. Till Seigi came along.

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Episode 2 Seigi wakes up in his room and is not too pleased Izzy and Tom are making themselves at home. Izzy gets straight to the point that they want him to them. As they are on a mission to retrieve stolen tattoos smuggled by a certain researcher and since it is hard to remove the tattoo once it is rooted in the body, either he cooperates with them or they will have to at least take back his arm.

When explain about the potential death that Void Maker has, Seigi blows his top that they are acting arrogant when it is all their fault. They give him time to think for his answer.

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Worse, everyone hates Seigi seeing Izzy knows him. Stoking the flames, she makes seductive moves on him and his classmates throw him out of the window! He agrees to them seeing he needs to get stronger for justice or for himself literally? In turn they explain he might need to do shady stuffs because it is their job to prevent a war from breaking out between America and the Kingdom. And right now the tension is at all time high.

After welcoming him to Team Blue MoonIzzy also lets Seigi know as she has figured out his trigger is blood.

Otherwise he would have been swallowed up by the void. She wants to keep an eye on him for now because it would be dangerous if the Kingdom gets their hand on Seigi as he has the triggerless tattoo. Besides, Seigi might be summoned to America and be experimented on. Seigi is called to meet at their secret base but he is upset to be made to wait as Izzy is not around and will be running late.

Little did he know that Touko has followed him and the more she sees him suspicious, the more suspicious she gets. Yeah, blame Izzy for that. However a creepy girl, Iltutmish attacks her.

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Tom has Seigi get boxes from the basement so he could answer a call from a landline phone. An informant informs that Princess Aryabhata has killed the royal couple and took over the throne.

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Now the doorbell rings. As Tom answers it, he is instantly stabbed by Touko! Is this what a yandere looks like?! Meanwhile Izzy just finished placing devices that detect activating tattoos throughout school. She is attacked by R. He is a subordinate of Aryabhata and a member of her personal tattoo force, Brahman.

Episode 3 Touko witnesses memories of Iltutmish. Aryabhata stumbled upon her in the slums. She teased to lick her feet if she wants food. Iltutmish quickly attacks but Aryabhata saw it coming. Aryabhata likes her way of getting what she wants and wants her to her team. After that lesbian kiss and butt molestation, anybody would be her lackey.

Art-chitecture: taboo-tattoo chapter one

Izzy uses her air bomb distraction to escape Lakha and run home. Seigi is mad when Iltutmish explains her twisted definition of justice involves killing others. This struggle allows Seigi to knock her off balance.

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Tom finishes the job by using his tattoo and pull out Iltutmish from Touko. Luckily Touko pulls him back before tragedy could strike. Well, only a big portion of the house is gone. Iltutmish receives orders to retreat. In the aftermath, Seigi trains with Izzy to become stronger.

Taboo tattoo – 01

Still a long way to go. Apparently after that incident Touko now has a tattoo on her forehead. They are unsure about most things since mechanisms of tattoos itself are a mystery. This means he can take it off whenever he tattoos. It also means its capabilities are very much lesser and can only act as a negating factor for supernatural phenomena. Izzy lets Seigi watch a horrifying video of baka triggerless tattoo experiment. The body is devoured horribly. After warning him how the void will bore through everything and leave nothing, she has Seigi promise he will not use his Void Maker without his permission.

Touko accompanies Seigi on his running training. After watching the plight of a stray cat and its kittens, Seigi vows to protect Touko. The taboo needs to protect the weak. Sounding quite cool now, is he? Izzy meets up with her colleague, Lisa Lovelock.

She is sharing information on the recent incidents. Since Aryabhata has taken over the Kingdom, it has been decided that America will send additional forces for the tattoo case. For now they are to prioritize the elimination of American forces connected to the tattoos. Their next target is Lisa. No chance! Iltutmish faces off with Lisa and the latter knows she is no match and intends to blow herself up along with her.

Seigi follows Izzy but she pleas to leave her and go save her friend. Shortly after he leaves, the device explodes. He becomes sick seeing the slaughterhouse. Seigi is upset over Iltutmish killing people indiscriminately. Too bad she blows him off the roof. Had not Tom caught him, he would be dead.