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Bride girl looking up fiction for slappers

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Tg Bride Fiction

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Read Less. Latest Book in the Series. Turned Into a Vampire Girl: one man's journey from alpha male to u Go to book.

Name: Coralyn
How old am I: 55
Nationality: Canadian
Color of my eyes: I’ve got bright hazel green eyes

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Imagine: it's your wedding day. You're a sexist male who thinks women are only good for cooking and cleaning and pleasuring their husbands.

‘tg bride’ stories

Your new bride is the epitome of this, an airheaded young bimbo with big breasts and no brains. You've picked her well. But then something goes wrong. There's a flash of light.

Tg stories

Imagine you one day woke up with the power to do anything. With the power to make anyone become exactly what you wanted them to, simply by thinking about it. Would you use your powers for good? Or would you use them to unleash a twisted revenge? School can be a weird time.

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But what if you were that teacher? What if you could become the gorgeous, busty Miss and use her curvy … Continue reading Fancy a quickie? Picture the scene.

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It's your wedding night. Your partner is already waiting for you to consummate the marriage.

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You're nervous, but not for the reasons you might expect. You're nervous because you've been turned into a girl.

Bride tg tf

Where once you were a big, strong, alpha male, you now have the body of beautiful, blushing virgin bride. We all have lines we won't cross, things we won't change or give up no matter what. But what happens when the stakes are even greater than life or death?

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What if the only way to save thousands of people is to give up your gender and be turned into a beautiful young woman? We've all had problems with our siblings. God knows I did: being a teenager was just one long screaming argument in our house! But what if your sister had magic powers?

Tg stories

What if, one day, you got her so pissed that she snapped and turned you into a horny teen girl? What would happen if you were forced to become the opposite gender? What if you woke up tomorrow to find your regular, boring boy-body had vanished Hey sissies! So, I got a brand new novel out on Amazon for y'all to enjoy and, this time, it's set in space!

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I know, big change for me, right? On the screen, the newly-taken photo glowed back at him, as hilarious as it had been in real life.

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Imagine waking one day to discover you were young again. That all the trials and tribulations of adulthood had vanished, and you were a carefree teenager once more. There's only one catch: you've also woken up as the opposite gender! Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.