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The lady fury world especially gumball amazing

A strange figure arrives and insults Nicole, but the kids are surprised when Nicole doesn't fight back.

The Fury Amazing World Of Gumball

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A lot of western animation takes inspiration from anime. Some go even further to add in obvious references or unanticipated easter eggs to reference some of the favorite anime of the cartoon's creators.

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The references these shows commit to can be anything from a small background cameo to a whole episode made in reference to a beloved anime. Here are ten well-known and loved cartoons that pay homage to anime in thoughtful ways.

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The Amazing World of Gumball is a show that drowns in pop culture references. From anime to video games to memes, this show oozes easter eggs, cameos, and so on. In terms of anime appearances, we have a scene of Gumball going Super Saiyan in the episode "The Pest," and the episode "The Fury" mentions Nicole's fighting style being taught to her by two teachers: Hokuto the name of Kenshiro's way of fighting in Fist of the North Star and Konoha another name for the Hidden Leaf Village in Naruto.

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Speaking of "The Fury," perhaps the most infamous part of that episode is the Dragon Ball styled fight between Nicole and her ex-friend Yuki. Inquisitive fans of the show will know that it's no secret that the creators of the show are big fans of Sailor Moon. In the Halloween-themed episode "Scare Master," a pony called Celena can be seen in the background donning a fetching Sailor Moon cosplay. This is only the beginning, as if you pay close enough attention in other episodes, you'll find a lot of other ponies who were deed to represent the main cast of Sailor Moon.

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The original premise for Ben 10 already seems full of anime inspiration, with the over-the-top transformation sequences and powerfully deed monsters. While it isn't sure just how much of a bearing anime had on the plot of the show, it must be true that the creators are at least fans of Naruto.

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In the episode "Merry Christmas," we can see three children who look awfully similar to Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi, the young tykes from the Hidden Leaf Village who like to cause lots of trouble. These members of Team Ebisu are a sight for sore eyes in a very weird but wonderful cameo. He regularly posts his own artistic renditions of anime characters on his Twitter and Youtube s, even taking on commissions from viewers to draw some anime characters in his style. The most notable reference to anime is the episode "Maho Mushi.

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Onto a more adult-oriented cartoon with Bob's Burgerswhere the creators express admiration for a beloved Studio Ghibli film. In the episode, "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal," Bob ends up getting drunk and dreaming up an elaborate sequence where his turkey comes to life and dances around like the iconic Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro. The dream acts similarly to a shot-for-shot remake of an iconic scene from the classic movie, where Totoro uses his powers to dramatically grow seeds into large trees, except in Bob's Burgers the turkey spawns a huge tower of classic Thanksgiving foods.

Truly a funny reference to an amazing coming-of-age film. Codename Kids Next Door has not been on our screens for a while now, but it stands as a cartoon series close to the hearts of many young adults. As well as featuring a cast of voice actors that have gone on to dub popular anime series, the show pays homage to two particular anime during its six-season run. E" is dressed exactly like Ash Ketchum.

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The more over-the-top reference comes with the episode "Operation R. It's a beautifully executed segment that shows a lot of love for the Frieza-arc of DBZ. This has grown more obvious as the writing room behind the show has expanded and brought in writers with a huge variety of interests. The most recent example being the season finale of the latest seasonwhere Rick goes on a Shonen-style escapade.

The creators of Regular Show are another crowd who love to pepper in pop culture references, anime included.

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A lot of references can be seen throughout the show, but the main two anime referenced extensively are Neon Genesis Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop. To top it off, the episode ends with a parody of the Cowboy Bebop ending credits sequence as well, one that is done so well it borders on being a shot-for-shot remake. The Simpsons has been around for so longit's a surprise they haven't made a reference to every single thing that has ever crossed into the realm of pop culture.

Among references to tv, movies, games, and so on, they have also paid homage to a wide range of anime series as well.

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This is primarily done through their couch gags and short specials, where the Simpsons family can be seen sporting cosplays of their favorite characters or absorbing their essence as a whole. Steven Universe is another king of pop-culture references, especially regarding anime. It's widely known that the creator of the show, Rebecca Sugar, loves anime and instills this love into some of her characters. Steven himself has a big love of Sailor Moonwith the manga being seen in the background of some episodes.

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Beyond those cameos, there are more in-your-face references to anime throughout many episodes. The episode "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service" is probably to most obvious example, as not only is the episode's name a reference to the Studio Ghibli film Kiki's Delivery Servicebut it also has a part where Steven and Kiki sit before a pizza-landscape reminiscent to the final scene in The End of Evangelion. There are even more references if you look hard enough - too many to count! Luke K is an avid creative writer, fantasy reader, ancient history studier, video game lover, and anime expert working out of the United Kingdom.

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As well as writing a lot about anime and manga for CBR, they also work within the video game industry and are a computer science graduate. By Luke Kilmartin Published Sep 15, Share Share Tweet 0.

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