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Toriel As A Human

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After Asgore declared war, Toriel was disgusted with his actions and left the castle. She locked herself in the Ruins, leaving behind her title as Queen. It may seem like Toriel was abandoning her people and Asgore, but it was her best option for a of reasons.

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It has been a month since the fifth anniversary of Undertale. We have seen fan video homages, an official orchestral performance, and a piano cover medley from the creator. In short, the game and its following are still going strong. There is some division in the fandom, though, about a character who is seen unequivocally as the hero. That is Toriel, who is more important than she seems at first. She also invites equal love, sorrow, and frustration.

But does she deserve all of that?

But nobody came.

Toriel makes her grand appearance saving you, the player, after she finds a flower taunting you. She calls herself the Keeper of the Ruins, the entrance into the Underground. Goat mom, as we call her, treats you with kid gloves, no pun intended.

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She carries both an aura of kindness and mystery. Some players in the fandom joke that she is a serial killer waiting for you to get complacent. That is where the problems begin. You have to challenge her on how to leave so as to make the game progress. She wants to keep you safe. That creates your first major conflict. What happens to Toriel depends on what you do. Her boss battle has an option to kill her if the player feels like taking her down or wants to see what happens. If you backstab her or are on the no mercy path, she laughs while dissolving to dust, knowing you are evil.

She tries to save the humans from asgore

She had no idea what you would do in advance. It shows that being pacifist is hard; that you have to risk death. You also will feel guilty about her death, because she wanted to keep you safe. To make matters worse, we learn that Toriel was the queen of the Underground. She and Asgore ruled together, with a monster child named Asriel and a human child simply called the Fallen. The ending provides hope that the monsters can change their fate. Or you can make an attempt to fix your mistakes and create a better ending. This provides foreshadowing about her motivations and decisions.

Hindsight is key. The Golden Ending has none of these options. Instead, Toriel and her husband Asgore are implied to abdicate, and start a new life on the surface.

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Asgore becomes the gardener at the school where he works, and Toriel becomes a teacher. There is hope they can fix their relationship, but not a lot. Toriel makes a strong, sweet first impression on the player.

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She rescues you from Flowey the flower, escorts you into the ruins, and teaches you how to interact peacefully with monsters. The off part about her is that she treats you with kid gloves, and expects everything to be dangerous.

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Another big concern with Toriel is that she seems to be a hypocrite. Given her powers and authority, it would seem likely that she could fight Asgore directly or reason with him. There is one factor that people seem to be forgetting: Toriel lost two of her children in one human, and she had to face a terrible choice. That was not an appealing option to Toriel, and in fact, it could have made things much worse. Toriel could have easily fallen victim to the same corruption. Even the videotapes stop just as the Fallen dies from a terrible buttercup poisoning.

A good word to the wise; never try to commit suicide using buttercups. The third point is that Toriel does not kill. It is not fun for Toriel to fight, as she mentions repeatedly. My educated guess is that Toriel did try to reason with Asgore, while still grieving herself. Why is that? Yet Asgore was too angry and feeling that the last hope of monsters — Asriel and Chara working together to undo the barrier — had been Toriel with a simple battle. Toriel could try to overrule him, but she was outed.

So she fled — into the darkness and the ruins — to try and prevent the problem ahead of time. She was also mourning her children and had to cry alone. Her sink is clogged with fur, implying she would let her tears run there. Flowers can be pretty but so deadly. She became paranoid, especially after five more children left the Underground and died, presumably killed by the friendlier monsters in Snowdin and Waterfall. Her trauma made her unable to do more than be a caretaker. While Asgore went in the direction of violence and destruction, she became stuck in the motions.

Toriel is many things, but she is not a killer. Perhaps she stared death in the face during the great war between monsters and humans, noting that dust may soak into the soul but dust will blow away with the wind unless you catch it first in record time. Or she saw how monsters were losing hope, and that death is very final.

And are her actions justified?

No one else besides the player and Flowey can use savepoints within the story. For this reason, Toriel is helpless to protect the ones that she loves. All she can do is make Sans promise to keep you alive. Her love of puns convinces him to not break his word, and spare you. Perhaps Sans spared other humans before you came. That final hug, and her order for you to not come back, show hesitation.

Undertale deep dive: who is toriel?

Something keeps nagging at her, however. Then she arrives in the nick of time to stop yourself and Asgore, saying that no one deserves to die, not even him.

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There are hints that she found out that you were befriending everyone in the Underground, refusing to lift a weapon and strike. This gave her the impetus to return to the throne room, confront Asgore, and break up the fight before it begins. She gets her happy ending: running a school. Her parallel self in the Delta Rune demo is much mellower. Toriel is solely a teacher in this timeline, with no more responsibilities than getting Kris to school on time and staying in touch with Asriel.

Time will tell what later chapters reveal about her divorce from Asgore and how their backstory changed. Monsters need hope, and so do grieving mothers. A MBA graduate and published author, Priya Sridhar has been writing fantasy and science fiction for fifteen years, and counting. And are her actions justified? Priya Sridhar Follow. Celebrating video games and their creators. Written by Priya Sridhar Follow. More From Medium. Violence and The Last of Us. Gameplay Journal Entry Arren Huckleberry. Online Blackjack Usa. Jacob Mack. Meaningful Video Games Toyah The Writer.