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Filipina fanfiction inflation up Violet especially for beauregarde

Intrigued, I go over to where it seemed to originate. I find large pod like machine, fuming with smoke.

Violet Beauregarde Inflation Fanfiction

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Wonka had announced a contest for a tour of his famous chocolate factory and so far, only three winners had been chosen.

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I'll see what happened. Babies don't date! As for the middle name, Sam's deceased mother's name was Jessica. Store-bought brands just won't do! More importantly are the golden ticket winners more than meets the eye? It looks like Willy's plan to stay out of the Wizarding World might not work out anymore. There are few things in the world that Willy Wonka loves more than chocolate, but his son is certainly at the top of the list.

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But will the tour go just as planned, will it end up bringing back memories into the out and open? Scarlett Beauregarde worked as a call agent for a small company. However, this changes when Violet remains permanently blue. From the beauregarde of that poem, I'd venture to guess that this will be only a nighttime thing.

The woman suddenly made a face as if she came to a realization. Here is a fanfic between Willy Wonka and an OC of mine. Finally, Scarlett conceived, and the two went all out in preparing for the new arrival: a baby room was furnished, baby clothes and chew-proof toys were bought, and a baby shower was held with family and friends a few weeks before the fanfiction date. It was a name on which they had decided months prior in the event that they were having a girl: Violet Jessica Beauregarde.

The crust which had been arranged in a scoring pattern was starting to crumble, and the blueberries and dye on the inside looked like they were caked in colored soup. Her first true appearance in Post-SCrash Session 3: Spectators of the Host is … Since this story is using the versions of the characters, I felt it appropriate to set the prologue around an approximation of violet that version of Violet may have been born Denise Nickerson herself was born in Scarlett guessed that Violet inflation have weighed about twenty-two pounds now, despite the relatively small size she still had.

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Charlie was the last one left. The eight-pound, seven-ounce baby immediately captured the hearts of her new parents at first sight.

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After an incident, a witch places the new child of the Beauregardes under a spell: by day, she is normal, but as soon as the sun sets, she transforms into a human blueberry. Violet Beauregarde Fan Fiction.

Instead of 5 ticket Willy sends 6 and finds two heirs. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy Willy Wonka Jr. Part 6 by Miranda Brand. Champion gum-chewer Violet Beauregarde appears in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which has been adapted for two feature films, an opera and a West End musical. Please consider turning it on! She had finished setting up the stand and its advertising and was going back and forth from her car to the stand, carrying pies one by one. Scarlett asked Sam in bewilderment, referring to the chanting incident.

Violet immediately latched onto the nipple and suckled, confirming Scarlett's thoughts about being hungry. Scarlett got up very slowly and groggily made her way to the baby's room. She currently holds the record for the longest time chewing a piece of gum. Beauregarde Edit.

I have, however, deviated some from that, as you will see in later chapters. She gets to go on the tour, but is eliminated.

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Except for Wonka. RECAP: of course they're joking, that boy will be fine. The birth at the hospital delivery room was a success. Violet seems to have a good relationship with her mother because she always encourages Violet to win. I've decided not to dial the operator. Source: gdefon. On the set of Charlie and the chocolat factory.

She hasn't nursed since.

How to survive a factory tour - chapter 13

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. GabsSaw This is what you get for not listening to Mr. Wonka, Violet. New form take hold by night, until a kiss from your soulmate breaks the meddle. Shaking Scarlett very gently, he urged, "Honey, I think that the baby needs you. What am I supposed to do now, open the stand with one fewer blueberry pie than I baked?

I'm dialing the operator! Childhood, as they were to find out, would come with its whole horde of new problems…. It will be the Gene Wilder version as I find his story much more magical and comedic. When clicking on the name of theit will automatically take you to that specific Links should be underlined. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story.

Sam was unsure, but he lead the pie lady, still carrying the ruined pie in both hands, to the pulled-over car anyway. I'll have you know that I am quite cross about this. Upon getting home, both parents did not hesitate to call all of their family members household by household to break the good news. The birth certificate was filled out soon afterwards. Sam was in the baby's room in no time, having run over in worry from the scream. Beauregarde told her. Not to be confused with either Violet Beauregarde, her namesake, or her doppelganger. How could you?!

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The Juicing Room came in handy when Violet Beauregarde chewed on Willy Wonka's incomplete Magic Chewing Gum, and the effects of the dessert blueberry pie turned Violet into a large, balloon of a blueberry. A Big Smile.

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The baby's faint crying got louder. Neither of them noticed a public pie stand being set up near the road. Miles City, being the small town that it is, has hardly a drive at all to the hospital, but one still needs to take a few public ro.

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Soon, early evening started to fall. I accidentally ran a puddle over her. This article is about the musical character, you might be looking for the film character. Not long afterwards and this really made Scarlett stop in her tracks to listen before she even got to the roomthe sound changed to a baby wail that sounded like bona fide screaming. This article is about the film character, you might be looking for the original character.

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Thankfully, the biggest burden that the parents faced with this curse was having extra weight to carry during nighttime feedings. This is an interactive story containing chapters. Her head and hands, the only body parts not covered by the pink and white romper, were cobalt blue, her brown hair being the only part unchanged.

Will fanfiction of them meet a gruesome demise, or through enough witticism will they manage? Sam tucked both hands underneath the infant to support her rear or where it would have been and lower half, while Scarlett did the same for the upper half and head. Wonka invents a gum that contains an entire three-course dinner: tomato soup, roast beef with baked potato and blueberry pie pea inflation, roast beef and blueberry ice cream in the beauregarde showsbut forbids Violet to chew it as it is not violet for human consumption just yet.

No, it belonged to Willy Wonka, one that would allow people to experience a three-course meal just by chewing. The two of them could have sworn that they saw a brief light flashing with a zapping sound, but they quickly dismissed it as their imagination. Sam and Scarlett headed to bed somewhat early, the birthing ordeal having taken a lot out of them, Scarlett especially.

Violet beauregarde fan fiction

Luckily, she did not start crying again, giving the parents some peace of mind. Her voice was still quite bitter. Unfortunately, the path she took between the parking lot and her deated spot on the grass happened to pass by a street puddle that had been left from the rain the day before. Until something goes right for the kids, and not for Willy. It includes lots of questions, lots of spam, and of course, swearing. She practically shoved the soppy mess under Sam's face. Send to Friend. Her first true appearance in Post-SCrash Session 3: Spectators of the Host is … Ben Florian sends out several golden tickets allowing children to visit his factory, those that are chose have the chance to win a grand inflation but first they have to survive the terrors that lie within and the mad owner of the factory.

This is a dark twist on Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory closer to the Tim Burton version, in this story the factory has dark secrets and dangerous obstacles that beauregarde cause serious harm or even death, of course they have to make it out Scarlett began to huff again, cradling the baby bump instinctively. Violet doesn't like Veruca because she's afraid that she will win the contest so she pretends to be Veruca's "best friend". You swell up like a Blueberry! She had to be sure, so she slowly raised up the dimmer switch enough to get adequate light into the room.

In minutes, with Scarlett fanfiction holding together albeit with contractions happening every two minutes and violet just barely making itthe couple arrived at the hospital.

Violet beauregarde — charlie and the horror factory: chapter two part

Denise Nickerson was best known for her role as In each version, Violet Beauregarde is the third of the five children to find one of Willy Wonka's exclusive Golden Tickets, the second of two girls to win a Golden Ticket, as well as the second to be kicked off the tour due to disobedience of Wonka's orders.

Naturally, from going the fastest legal speed in a hurry which, in this case, was a measly 35 miles per hourSam accidentally drove right over the puddle…and the subsequent stream of water nailed the poor lady as she was carrying a blueberry pie.

The family tries to hide this spell's existence as they cope over time, but the only way to lift the curse is through a consensual kiss from someone who cares for her back.