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To twink is to hand down a high quality item to a lower level charactergenerally an item that this character would never have found for themselves at their experience level. The term also refers to a character that has been twinked as being a twinkand someone who is giving away items like this is twinking.

What Is Twinking

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Twinking is a type of behavior in role-playing games which involves deceiving other players about one's playing abilities or achievements in the game. A player who engages in such behavior is known as a twink. The precise definition of twinking varies depending on the variety of role-playing game:.

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Post a Comment. In Diablo 2a build is a of levels achieved in a class along with the stats and skills chosen, as well the items that are found, bo Pro-tips 7. Commercial cRPGs only. Otherwise, Swordflight is ranked above Baldur's Gate. Hi there, my name's Lilura1 and welcome to my twinking guide for Diablo 2 and Resurrected.

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Most commonly, twinking is when our high-level build gives powerful items to our new low-level characters. We "twink-out" our new characters with the best low level gear aka leveling gear in order to give them a head start, alleviate the tedium of playing through pre-Hell modes, and greatly increase their rate of power progression and acquisition of wealth. We don't twink because we are what for an initial challenge. We twink because we want Normal and Nightmare modes out of the way, done and dusted.

Hell is where we want to be because that's where the challenge is, and where the best items are found. Twinking is incredibly powerful. Any idiot can build a character in an optmized manner as it progresses, but it's the twinks that make all the difference in Diablo 2. It is the items that separate our builds. The godly builds were built and rebuilt around items that are progressively found; they are constantly being refined and empowered based on the items found. One godly magic or rare item is a build-changer.

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A newbie may look at those jewels and shrug their shoulders, but trust me, those jewels are coveted by the players that know the game. Just one of those jewels is worth more than what scrubs could farm in a year. If we acquire such jewels, it changes things for even high -level builds.

We are always twinking, always optimizing GageSabot and Wrap You'll see lots of players wearing this set in casual rushes and whatnot, and there's a reason for that -- it's comfy. But if you see someone wearing this at high level, it's time to bring out the vlld Assassin and PK their ass. Because that's just pure laziness and scrubbery. Note that even Summon Necros the easiest build to start off withcan benefit greatly from a lot of that gear. His skellies kick quite a lot of ass in pre-Hell modes, but even Summon Necros can themselves kill faster than skellies at least at the twink, and assuming they're twinked.

Just because you're a summoner, doesn't mean you can't wade into the fray and hack something to death. Remember: these twinks are on a whole other level. But it's not what you can just give a first level character the Tal set. Most items have level requirements.

You need to be 71st level in order to wear Tals. Still, you can work within level restrictions to great effect. As this guide will show, there is a world of difference between twinked and untwinked characters. First, to illustrate this clearly, let's make a comparison. The First Level Twink. Here is a comparison that shows the power of twinking Yep, that's how every barb starts out.

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With nothing more than handaxe and twink. His damage is and his defense is 9. Pretty pathetic, isn't it? Now, let's take a look at how our twinked first level Barb can potentially start out:. As can plainly be seen, our damage has what from a pathetic to a whopping over 2 secs. Defense has gone from 9 to And this for a first level character that hasn't yet left the safety of the Rogue Encampment How is this achieved?

The Strength charms allow us to equip the weapon, armor and shield from the outset, each of which is socketed with Jewels of Envy easily transmuted in the Horadric Cube; you need only three pgems. JoE are damage over time socketable items with no level requirement. Once socketed, each JoE inflicts on-hit 20 poison damage over 2 secs.

Now, our Crystal Sword sports six sockets each of which is fitted with a JoE. Thus, it inflicts on-hit poison damage over 2 secs. Likewise, the armor, shield and helm are also JoE-socketed. This adds to our damage even though the jewel is not fitted into the weapon. Thus, our nice big poison damage total of over 2 secs. Of course, this is not optimal but it more than does the job. Wait, how did we get a Crystal Sword with six sockets?

It was Nightmare-farmed and then Larzuk-socketed. Crystal Swords drop in Normal mode but only with a maximum of two sockets or the potential for two through Larzuk and four towards the end of Normal.

What is "twinking"

So yeah, as if we haven't gone mad already, give your Rogue Sister merc a similar twinking, and her bow damage goes from to over 2 secs. Ethereal armor will reduce the strength requirements and give her more defense, too.

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Not bad armor for a second level scrub of a merc, is it. If she dies, shame on us. Ethereal bugged Light Plate would be even better, ofc. However, I can't eth bug the above-pictured ethereal armor because it is Superior.

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How about rare rings, amulets, boots, gloves and belts at first level iow, items we can't socket? I think it's a waste of time farming or rolling them up. Because they will quickly be swapped out for uniques and set items that are mentioned below. If you have them handy, that's fine though.

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You can get up to seven mods on rare rings and ammies, but they won't make much impact as items that can be worn by a first level character. As mentioned at the start, this sort of twinking what enhances power progression and wealth accumulation. It benefits every character build, some more than others. Barbs, Zons, Pallies, Sins and other physical-based builds will get the most out of it, but spellcasters such as the Sorc can certainly benefit intially, and whenever that mana pool runs out.

Just whack the enemy and it keels over. For barbs and other physical-based damage dealers, who rely most heavily on their arms and armor, and whose skill-ups power physical-based damage and defense as they level, this setup doesn't start to feel weak until about Act Four. Not all classes will want to roll with the crystal sword or war scepter, ofc. All these builds will progressively add uniques and set twinks.

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Anyway, you will tear through Normal with the above-listed items. Probably a fair bit of Nightmare as well.

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Then, you will have to upgrade, uptier, and possibly respec in order slay Baal and reach Hell mode. Thus, it is important to always push on into new, higher level maps. It is also handy to know which enemy on a given map yields the most experience points. In the Blood Moor, that's zombies. Once we feel confident, we always ignore the mooks and beeline towards champions, berserkers, ghostlies, possesseds and super uniques culminating in Act Bosses.

We always push on in order to maximize our experience gain for each click of the mouse button. Twinked characters can easily tank mobs as they run past them.

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Watch the xp bar. If it's not moving along in nice big chunks, fix that by pushing on.

Remember that the object of twinking is to save time and get through Normal and Nightmare with little fuss and bother. Don't go overboard in optimizing your twink: it entirely defeats the purpose if you're spending hours on twinking for each new character. This BlogThis! No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.