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Mom had taken the kids earlier to play miniature golf, and were not due back for a couple of hours still.

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I was on vacation at an all-inclusive, adults only resort in Punta Cana. At the time I was forty-eight years old. I worked out three days a week to stay fit for my husband. My husband had to leave early for a business emergency.

Name: Joelle
How old am I: 28
Ethnic: Zambian
My orientation: Hetero
Figure features: My body features is quite muscular
What is my favourite drink: Champagne
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When I first met my husband's really good friend Austin it was a pleasant shock.

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Kevin and I had only been married about a year when we were invited to visit his friend, Austin and his wife Paige. I didn't know what to expect. We're in our twenties and Kevin told me Austin was thirty three and Paige twenty nine but they didn't look or act like "old" people.

I laughed and said "That's not old.

My husband's name is Kevin and he's the love of my life, long blond unruly surfer hair, some ink and a heart the size of Texas. When we arrived and knocked on their door and the guy that answered immediately put Kevin in a bear hug. I stood there for a few awkward seconds as they embraced. Then Paige appeared behind them and said, "Come on in. I laughed because they were busy saying how good it was to see each other.

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Everyone went inside. Introductions were made and Kevin was right. Austin was roguish good looking. The sides of his head were closely shaved but the hair on top of his head was longer and slicked back. Also he sported a goatee and the creases in the corner of his eyes were always smiling even if his mouth wasn't. He was so hot. My palms got clammy, my heart raced, I felt heat between my legs.

Nobody had ever had that direct or instantaneous effect on me before. The next morning after a rather long night of indulging in adult beverages and catching up, Paige invited us to brunch at her favorite breakfast restaurant. Once we arrived at the restaurant and got seated a strapping, good looking young man approached the table and sat down next to Paige. She put her arm around this dark haired guy and kissed him, then introduced us.

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He's a friend of mine. What the hell was going on I thought. Yeah this dude was good looking but damn, what would Austin think?

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How awkward was this meal going to be? I have to tell you, there were lots of thoughts going through my head and none were pleasant. After a little small talk I noticed Paige's hand in Vince's lap.

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It seemed she was rubbing his cock though his shorts. I elbowed Kevin's ribs and gave him a questioning look. He whispered in my ear, "I'll explain later.

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I could see her arm moving in a covert but none the less noticeable up and down movement. The whole time having a normal conversation like nothing was going on. Vince was kinda shy during brunch and said little. I didn't know how to react and couldn't wait to get done and leave. At the end of the meal as we walked out, Paige said, "Vince is going to give me a ride home.

Can you guys take my Jeep?

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I'll meet you back at the house. Vince had parked his small car near the front, while Paige's Jeep was farther out. As we drove by Vince's car we could see his head was rolled back, eyes closed. Once got nearer to them we could see the back of Paige's head bobbing up and down in his lap. Later that day Paige received a call that her eighteen year old cousin was in a minor car wreck.

While he wasn't injured, alcohol was involved so she felt like she needed to go handle the situation. She left before Austin got home from work. Austin showered and ed us shortly. I found myself staring at him as he climbed in opposite of us.

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We drank, chatted and enjoyed reliving of old stories I hadn't heard. Almost all the stories ended with Austin sounding like that guy in that Vegas movie asking Kevin, "But did you die?

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Austin reached under the water and pulled his shorts off and ceremoniously dropped them on the bank. I was red faced for a second but then Kevin pulled his off too. A few minutes later Kevin reached for my hand under the water and placed it on his cock. It was only half hard, so I stroked it few times then let go. But when he put my hand back on it I held it until he got rock hard in my grip. I was just buzzed enough that I deiced to do it. Austin grinned a lopsided smile and stood to reach for his cellphone.

The bubbles had covered his junk so I hadn't seen him naked yet.

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I would have to describe it as beautiful, which is not something I would normally say about a cock. He dried his hands and grabbed his cellphone and sat down up on the bank. He flipped through it and pulled up a short video clip and said, "Ahh He turned the phone toward me and on the screen was Paige's face and hands as she bobbed up and down on a cock. Then we could hear the guy say, "Oh shit, I'm going to cum Paige sped up.

The guy grabbed the back of her head and held her down as he shoved his cock upward, forcing it deep into her throat. In the video you could see his cock pulsing and pumping as Paige swallowed.

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Just when you thought he might be done Paige lifted her head and one last spurt of cum shot out from his cock. Paige leaned back down used her tongue to cleaned the cum that had dribbled down his shaft.

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She lifted her head off his cock and smiled at the camera he was holding and asked, "Did you like that? She was looking right at me with cum dripping from her hair and smeared on her lips. I was both turned on and slightly embarrassed. He grabbed my hand and stopped me. We got into a deep discussion about open marriages, swinging and life. The kind of discussions one can only have when really drunk or stoned and inhibitions and social niceties are suspended.

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Whereas a man needs to recover. Jealousy for example is based upon insecurity of the person who is jealous. It turns me on. I either get a picture, a video or to watch in person.

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We delved into a period of silence until Austin said, "Well, I'm going to hit the hay. You kids have fun.

He got up and his cock was three fourths flaccid. With water dripping off his body I felt the heat again between my legs. Austin grabbed a towel and his suit, dried off and sauntered across the deck to the back door. You think he's got more videos on there? I wonder if it's locked," I whispered. It wasn't locked and when we opened the Gallery, there were hundreds of photos and videos. I got to see Austin's cock in its full glory and several more videos of Paige with Vincent and a couple of other men.

Finally Kevin picked a video to watch and we hunkered over the tiny screen and watched Paige get absolutely pounded by a young Hispanic guy with a monstrous uncut cock.