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Aesthetically Yandere hunt for guy for dev

Every week, a new girl will fall in love with your Senpai - you must eliminate her before she can confess her love to him on Friday!

Yandere Dev Stream

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By: Robert N. The developer of Yandere Simulator has ed a video to the game's official YouTube channel detailing a response e-mail that he received from Twitch relating to the game being banned for streaming on the service. The video was accompanied by a short blog post on the game's official development blog.

Name: Ferdinanda
Years old: I'm 25 years old
Color of my hair: I have abundant golden hair
My hobbies: My hobbies dancing
Smoker: No

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I tried to, but it's torture he has about as much charisma as a brick.

horny Joy

The pervy jokes are not funny, he is bad at playing games. Honestly any other stream would be more entertaining than his, alex stream is great for white noise in the background.

Yanderedev stream archives

While doing something way more interesting. He can turn anything into a perverted joke and go into uncomfortable details, even while playing Animal Crossing.

sluts wives Sunny

I used to think it was smooth and calm, but I honestly struggled to make it through the snap mode video. I've tried, but his personality makes me cringe, then his chat hops on the bandwagon and makes it worse.

talent teen Louise

I still don't, because when he start streaming it's deep night where i live. For me, It started at PM. Sometimes, I watch his stream If I get bored. His perverted fantasies gives me the creeps and he talks like a sloth. I watched his black Mesa stream back in March, couldn't stand listening to him for more then 30 minutes, now I just go on there to get banned on purpose.

7 day viewership

He's boring, unfunny, cringy as fuck and whenever he's not making boring-ass monologues he's making downright disgusting comments no adult should be speaking out loud. Never watched one entirely and live, but every now and then I watch fragments I find around and man.

cutie girl Autumn

I usually cringe after minutes of watching. Childish humor, bland personality, mediocre gameplay. It feels kind of forced and almost awkward. Yeah, I've watched a little. He's not particularly entertaining or charismatic to me on stream, so I only stick around for a few minutes.

Have you ever watch yandere dev's stream on twitch?

Not bad, just a bit dry, I guess. Don't watch his streams that often but he has an okay sense of humor. Searching for Osana.

fit escorts Joelle

Found the internet! Have you ever watch Yandere Dev's stream on Twitch?

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white females Zoie

Gremlin Bunny. Where's Amai?

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I agree with that. Researching Alex Mahan. Did you get banned now?

sexual moms Catalina

Harassaraptor ready to pounce. Its like watching joker for free.

naked girlfriend Elsa

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ebony mom Emelia