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I'd cat dating chica Yoruichi transformations experiment

I think what bothers me the most is that when Yoruichi was first revealed to be a woman masquerading as a cat, it was a beautiful subversion of the Catgirl trope and the events of basically invalidated it more on that later. I would just like to preface this by saying that most of these are wild conjectures, but it was all I could come up with given how little canon information there is. She has a brother, and is part of a clan that has existed in Soul Society for millennia.

Yoruichi Cat Transformation

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Tite Kubo's Bleach remains one of the most popular action series to come out of the s of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump. It seemed to hit at just the right time when anime and manga were becoming far more available outside of Japan. It's nowhere near the kind of wide availability through streaming that many popular series have today, but Bleach seemed to hit all the notes of what made anime popular in the s. Cool character des, a fun story, fun fights all aroundand plenty of memorable moments and characters throughout.

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She transforms into a cat-like creature, although her body is now covered by electricity and now has a tail. Askin asks if this is his opinion on the matter. Yoruichi mentions that he seems to to be toying around with her, even when Askin mentions that he has been trying his hardest to kill her, therefore he asks her to make him look weak and intimidate him so he can go on to do his work. After a while he apologizes for looking at her butt, however it was really his fault, she has got herself in trouble.

Askin mentions if this man is Urahara, then mentions that another headache has come his way. Askin mentions that there are 5 battle powers in this war, they are known for their unknown variables.

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No matter what has happened or whatever is likely to happen, Urahara is a strategist of perpetual adaption which allows him to do whatever he wills. Askin just keeps on getting into trouble wherever he goes. Urahara injected Yoruichi with something that would increase her own immunity, it gives her around 5 minutes of immunity till Askin can affect her again. She begins to power up using her Raijin Senkei when Urahara shows up behind her insisting for them to do something.

It seems that Urahara has his own agenda in mind and plans on using cat. Asking had shot an arrow but misses. Yoruichi looks horrified as he goes on to rip the paper from the other paper. Out of nowhere, there is a large explosion where Yoruichi is sent back a Yoruichi, he transformations something unusual as Yoruichi has transformed into her Flash God Super form, is Yoruichi, but much like a cat on four legs, her arms and legs are covered in electricity while she also gained the abilities of a cat.

She has ears like a cat and her tongue also spews out electricity.

Bleach ends here. Even this form is freaking awesome, it looks amazing! Yoruchi was hot!!

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We finally got to find out who the last 2 SWP were. Yoruichi has one fine ass!!

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I liked how Kisuke and Askin had a quick chat, as I wanted them to originally fight. Yoruichi is hands down the hottest Bleach woman!! Yourichi new transformation was EPIC!!! Yoruichi new transformation was HOT!!!! Besides the way they have played out with the Elites, their opponents have had the advantage after they show their best move for over a chapter and a half, then they come back revealing their full power.

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And then someone very close to the person the Elites are fighting steps in, and since Soifon and Yoruichi have a student and master bond, where Yoruichi treated her like a sister and Soifon has very deep feelings for her, it makes sense. Also did i say Yoruichi was hot? Like Liked by 1 person. The putting his fan on Yoruichi to make her look like a turkey was cute, but slapping her ass was just tasteless.

Cool bleach cosplay brings yoruichi to life

He basically forces Yoruichi into this transformation against her will. Kinda reminds me of a pimp and hooker. They all make sense. Conclusion: I have mixed feelings about this chapter.

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I liked it and disliked it. I liked it because we came back to this fight and I like all the characters in it, but I disliked it because of how Kisuke made Yoruichi his plaything. That seems too much for even him. So I believe someone will show up and aid Askin.

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Maybe that black eyed woman or BG9 as BG And he should really be helping Yushiro in the next chapter. Like Like. I called it last chapter that the first fight we would see was askin. I enjoyed this chapter. This chapter seemed unusual compared to the average chapter and I liked it.

At times it was a bit annoying but overall it was an O. He has a slick mouth and he likes explaining things when he gets cocky. The others seemed in place. Zaraki is known for his ability to persist and fight against almost all odds he fought two captains, the strongest quincy, destroyed a meteor, survived in space,etc.

Aizen was said to have reiatsu unlike no other. Kisuke was obviously known for his keen intellect. That could be his knack. I would have never thought of that.

Nice guess because it would make sense. I agree. Yamamoto would be destruction. On a side note, I was slightly expecting orihime to be a war potential but something told me that she most likely would not make the cut it would have been nice to see her be a war potential though. Well remember when Grimmjow lost his arm to Kaname? He was demoted because of it. Losing his arm cut his Reiatsu, do he became weaker than Zommari, Szayelaporro, and Aaroniero. But yes, he did get softer. I was also expecting Orihime to be a War Potential.

Also chapter is coming up so hopefully grimmjow shows up to assist yoruichi they both have a cat theme going on anyways so why not and kisuke because kisuke made an agreement with grimmjow about something.

Kisuke might leave them after grimmjow shows up maybe with neliel because kisuke needs to back up ichigo against yhwach. It would be nice to see both grimmjow and chad do something in chapter Grimmjow has to show us a new release or even more than 2 release modes. Askin already has enough on his plate with her and Kisuke.

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He is most likely being healed by Nelliel and will fight their own opponent. Hell just trick him and drop him like he did before. Kisuke will stay with Yoruichi. It depends. I think he might leave when Yoruichi gets her Zanpakuto from Yushiro.

He did bring the hold armor. Ukitake strike me as more wise than Ichibei. He is a war potential. So his role and shaking his Bankai should be shown later. Aizen being listed for his Reiatsu makes sense. The Hogyoku me him one of a kind.

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Ichibei being Wisdom also makes sense. His powers allow him to know the name of anything he sees.

It also ties with his age. Ichibei clearly knows something that none of us do, and Yhwach knows he does. Yhwach hates Ichibei. He really does. Also, the order they are listed in is who is more dangerous, not stronger. Zaraki was the first at the beginning, but losing to Royd made him 2. I love Yourichi, she is my favorite female character in Bleach. I can Yoruichi understand y Ichibei is dangerous to Yhwach given cat fact that he might now know a few things that others dont.

But watever showing Aizen might have installed for us, it better be epic to justify this transformation. I still believe Reiatsu was a better title than immortality. I kinda doubt Aizen is immortal to the point were he cannot die. Also, I kinda think the whole point of the war potentials is because whoever on the list is dangerous to all other Quincy, not necessarily Yhwach.

I actually like were Ichibei is. And the only reason Aizen is on the list because he became one with the Hogyoku.