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Zootopia Elephant Yoga

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in. By now we have all seen Zootopia.

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There she teaches yoga and meditation, being an expert in both disciplines.

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In spite of her species, and her pot belly, Nangi is extremely flexible and agile, and is able to easily assume all the known positions of yoga. She is, however unlike many of her species rather selectively forgetful as when she is questioned by Yax about Emmitt Ottertonone of her students.

Whether that is a result of a psychological condition, or a matter of choice, is not clear. She is not very social, and can be rather taciturn and reserved, and not particularly forthcoming, when addressed or questioned.

Her responses are usually short quips, and are quite dispassionate. A pp earance : Nangi is a middle-aged Indian elephant who, in spite of her pot belly, is extremely agile and flexible, and is adept at all yoga positions. The upper section of her trunk, and a portion of her belly, are elaborately tattooed. She also wears some beaded bracelets on her right wrist. Personalit y: Serene, dispassionate and extraordinarily focused. She tends to be rather taciturn and extremely reserved Unfortunately, for an elephant, she doesn't have a terribly good memory To give you the best experience, this site uses cookies.

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Nangi Profile. Favorite Quotes : "All the way down Featured in. ThankU : May 23, Last comments. Jake Razor. I smell a fanfic darn it, I've got too many ideas already!

Why emmitt otterton from zootopia has some explaining to do…

BaltoSep pala. Was it established that she's selectively forgetful rather than just generally forgetful? If so, then it would raise certain questions as to why she would want to "forget" what became of Emmitt. Not connected : To be able to post a message site, you must be connected. Register on the site!

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Zootopia re and more. Site activity.

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Favorite Characters? You did a fantastic job with her :ver Wild Wind - 1, day Such a heart touching character.

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You did an excellent job, and I can t Wild Wind - 1, day Very nice work on this character. The part about her past and her boy Jake Razor - 1, day. Members online.

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JamesB eatr. Blazet ail.

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Ethanh ayes. Have you given any thoughts to how you'd feel about a Zootopia sequel or televised spin-off series?

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I am eagerly awaiting news of any Zootopia sequel or television series! History shows, usually, that any attempts at a sequel or television series spin-off ends up as a pale shadow of the original work.

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Either would be a bad idea. I hope they don't pursue it. I'm skeptical of the possibilities of success with a sequel or televised spin-off series.

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But I am willing to at least give it a chance if it happens. Until then, I'll reserve judgement. Roxi Moto 2 days : "Hi".

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Ask and get answers here! This unofficial fansite is managed exclusively by Zootopia fans. Any copyrighted material included on this site serves entertainment purposes, and is used with utmost respect for the original creators.

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I don't believe it was ever established, actually. Official Zootopia characters.

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Visit Zootopia. Zootopia screenshots gallery. Zootopia Soundtrack.

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Domestication in zootopia. Zootopia and Robin Hood.